China Mobile to spend $6.7 billion building out 4G network ahead of expected Apple iPhone deal

“China Mobile will spend 41.7 billion yuan ($6.7 billion U.S.) to develop 4G technology this year in anticipation of the arrival of the world’s most popular smartphone — Apple’s iPhone — on the world’s most populous wireless carrier,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider.

“China Mobile revealed on Thursday that it will spend 190.2 billion yuan ($30.1 billion) on its networks this year, with nearly a quarter of that going into its TD-LTE 4G technology,” Bostic reports. “The next version of Apple’s iPhone, according to some industry observers, is expected to support China Mobile’s TD-LTE 4G, even though that technology is less widespread in use than FDD-LTE. ”

Bostic reports, “China Mobile’s 4G network, the company announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will consist of 200,000 base stations. The network will cover more than 100 Chinese cities and more than 500 million potential users, roughly 37.2 percent of China’s population. With more than twice as many subscribers as the United States has citizens, China Mobile represents a massive opportunity for Apple.”

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  1. My gut tells me Tim Cook inked a deal with China Mobile on his last visit to China. Tim Cook is extremely smart and he has been givin no credit over the past few months. Something very BIG is coming from AAPL. More popcorn please.

  2. So, other than the server farm being built in Hong Kong, how many other server farms do you think Apple is building in China? Apple built 3 in the USA plus they have the first one in California. I assume if we needed 3 billion dollar server farms in the USA, then there is 3 to 6 being built in China. Anyone looking yet?

    1. By the time that Apple rolls into China mobile, they’ll have a more affordable iPhone available besides the current iPhone 5 version. And sometime next year a larger iPhone. The larger iPhone will eventually eliminate the need for the current iPhone size. And if Apple had a larger iPhone and more affordable iPhone now, they’d sell like hotcakes. And the stock wouldn’t be in the toilet.

  3. I’d heard that NO ONE would be buying iPhones anymore once the SGS4 was introduced. Hey, who wants to be caught using outdated small-display technology from a company lacking innovation. Certainly not the Chinese.


  4. Most professional analysts have proven they are totally clueless about accurately understanding Apple’s supply chain. It is truly amazing to me that they continually misread key indicators like this one. iOS leads mobile browsing, does anyone think this buildout does not benefit AAPL as they continue their push into China. Analysts are so infatuated with volume even though Google and Samsung do not report actual numbers. It is truly amazing to watch the continual absence of intelligent analysis by these so called experts. Disruptive technology is not a point in time is a process that develops. One should not think that Apple disruption to mobile was in 2007 but rather its only on the beginning. Where is Samsung or Google’s strategy? Mass producing multiple versions of phones at different margins with no long term strategy to grow the share of customers wallet is a missed observation by these traditional “box-kicker” analysts who lacked sophisticated analysis of what AAPL has been doing since 07. Do confuse innovation with volume or the next product launch. 500 million users ready to enter Apple’s hardware, software, and services ecosystem and analysts are totally oblivious to this Epic growth inflection. Stupid is as Stupid does is the maxim of these so called analysts.

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