Apple releases Safari 6.0.3

Apple today released Safari 6.0.3 which is included in the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Update and contains fixes that improve performance, stability, and security, including:

• Improves scrolling on

• Improves scrolling while zoomed in on a webpage

• Improves performance on webpages with plug-in content

• A fix for an issue that could cause the inaccurate appearance of an alert that bookmarks can’t be changed

• A fix for an issue that could cause duplicate bookmarks to appear on an iOS device after editing bookmarks with Safari in OS X

• A fix for an issue that permitted users to access unfiltered search results when searching from when Parental Controls are enabled

• A fix for an issue that could prevent Safari from restoring the last position on a webpage to which a user navigated back

Again, the Safari 6.0.3 is included in the OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Update which is available via Software Update.


    1. I swear Safari is the most RAM hogger of all the browsers, its completely garbage. I realized when I have multiple high resource tabs open that it will take up RAM, just like another browser but when I close those tabs I expect the RAM to go back not stay with Safari. I don’t want to have to close safari every time to free up RAM it should be done automatically…

  1. so Apple doesn’t update Safari for Windows since 5.1.7? well, that’s why safari browser has been dropped dramatically in terms of share. it will die. I don’t even use it anymore since 2008. honestly, Safari is inferior browser anyway. Chrome is the best.

    1. We know. Google is ascendant, and Apple is moribund. When MDN throws in the towel, any day now, few will miss it or the feeble camaraderie we once had. Sad that the trolls win. Let the gloating begin. Hitching our wagons to Apple, we went over a cliff, crashed and burned while superior Google technology won converts without number. We Apple thralls who remain are pathetic losers, but we’ll get over it in time. Like Camelot, everybody knew deep down that it was too good to be true. Time for everyone to wake up and smell the hydrochloric acid. What the hey, privacy was overrated anyway…

  2. If Apple were to pay more attention to their bundled software it would be a better world, pity they’re so stuck in the rut with underperforming software.

  3. NOTE: It does also come up as a separate Safari 6.0.3 update in Software Update, if you’re using Lion (not Mountain Lion).

    I still use Lion because I have a “Late 2006” iMac that cannot run Mountain Lion. Still going strong, even with “only” 3GB of RAM, 128mb ATI Radeon X1600, and the first series of Core 2 Duo processors; I haven’t decided which new Mac to buy… 🙂

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