U.S. Navy, DARPA create iPad app for fending off PTSD, managing stress

“The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is co-funding an affordable, hi-tech, solution for managing stress that could help prevent post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), helping warfighters and potentially saving billions of dollars in associated medical costs, officials announced March 6,” Medical Xpress reports.

“ONR, in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is sponsoring development of the Stress Resilience Training System (SRTS), an iPad app training program that teaches Sailors and Marines to understand their stress responses and manage them by learning biofeedback techniques that work for their individual needs,” Medical Xpress reports. “Using only an iPad and a heart rate monitor clipped to one earlobe, the SRTS App comprises four sections: ‘Know How,’ which provides Sailors and Marines with information about stress and resilience and how to apply this knowledge to their missions; ‘Techniques,’ which explains how they can bring themselves into the best mental and physiological state possible to build resilience and achieve peak performance; ‘Games,’ which allows them to practice applying the resilience skills learned; and ‘Review,’ which helps them track their training progress.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: AppleInsider. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


    1. Most U.S. wars have proceeded without a formal declaration of war, but they had some form of congressional approval. Recent exceptions were Kosovo and Libya.

        1. Undeclared—yes, true! Authorized, though, in other forms.

          Korea was authorized by a U.N. Security Council resolution. U.S. Congress funded that.

          U.S. Congress authorized Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, and authorized Afghanistan and Iraq with similar joint resolutions.

          1. my original post referred to “undeclared wars”, a constitutional Declaration Of War requires Congressional and Presidential approval. “Authorize” and declaration are not the same thing, “authorize” is unconstitutional. Incidentally, the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident, which brought in US combat troops into Vietnam and cost 55,000 GI lives, was faked. Similar to Hitler’s Reichstag fire.

    2. meh, we’ll think about that one next time. In the meantime, try and be a little more conscious of the veterans who hang here because chances are, they have this disease. I call it Black Rain.

      Pitching I told you so’s at this late date is a backhanded way of shaming us for our service for picking up the mantle of war born by the pounding of the drums. We heard that noise years before we declared an unjust war and where were you then?

      The chants and drums began rising up from the bowels of America; Post 911 everyone was screaming go get those motherfuckers!

      Who did they send? Well, by the time America was three-years into the war, they ran out of good people so they began recruiting the dregs of society; the criminals! Those crazy bastards who survived have come home to roost and boy let me tell you how crazy they are!

      Until they find a way to take the edge off their personality, they’re ticking. The noise in their heads never stops and you can’t get the stench of death out of your nose.

      These people need a miracle; they have no coping skills; many abused as kids; they were already traumatized before the military gave them guns, which has been the solution to even the simplest of problems; kill it dead. dead. dead.

      The VA should give me the goddamn iPad with this app for free.

      Take Tablets, Not Guns.


  1. Down load with care please. The government is also trying to tag as many as possible with mental stress issues to block their gun permits. If you need it, Ok. Just be careful and don’t get played by our ever loving and caring government.

      1. Fail? Really? Maybe you should read the news instead of having it spoonfed to you by Faux. As a matter of fact, Republican senators from Michigan and South Carolina have both called for establishing a database of of mentally ill Americans to prevent them from being able to get a gun permit. Even Ann Coulter has very recently come out in favor of such action, going so far as saying that we can’t give in to groups like the ACLU defending such people who, apparently, are giving the NRA a bad name. When a conservative has to worry about the ACLU defending the Second Amendment, you KNOW there is something wrong with that conservative’s point of view.

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