Apple expected to add wireless charging capability to iPhone, say sources

“Following the steps of Nokia, LG Electronics and HTC, Samsung Electronics and Apple are expected to add wireless charging capability to their flagship models in 2013, according to industry sources,” Daniel Shen and Jackie Chang report foro DigiTimes. “Samsung is expected to adopt Qi wireless charging technology run by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for its next flagship model, the Galaxy S IV, the sources indicated.”

“However, the Galaxy S IV may not come with embedded wireless charging capability,” Shen and Chang report. “Instead, users are required to buy replacement back covers for their smartphone for access to a charging pad, the sources indicated.”

Shen and Chang report, “Apple is likely to adopt the wireless charging technology developed internally, but it remains unknown if the next-generation iPhone will come with built-in wireless charging capability or with other attached accessories, said the sources.”

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  1. The Manipulator: Apple still does not have wireless charging capability to iPhone, which even Nokia has. Showing clear signs of falling behind expect stock to drop even more than usual.

      1. But but, some guy called Tesla said you could broadcast electricity on radio waves. That would be wireless. Of course everyone would be able to receive electricity that way, tough to regulate.

        Some solutions looking for a problem to solve, you got that right. I’m sure there will be some spin to explain how wireless charging is superior to regular plug in. How about…”you’ll never have to worry about grabbing your phone in a rush and yanking the power cord out. Now you can drop the whole charger into the bathtub while you are answering a call, get electrocuted, but the cord will still stay in the wall. That’s progress.

    1. So what? I fail to see any significant advantages with wireless charging. How does it improve travelling with an iPhone or iPad, or using either in a car? If I’m using my phone in my car, it has to be plugged in, for charging while using satnav, or for listening to music, if I’m travelling around a city, using my phone for navigation, photos, listening to music, searching for locations, then I’ll plug into a travel battery, and at home, I plug my phone into a wall-wart to charge overnight, or into my computer down stairs. In none of those scenarios can I see any advantage offered by a device that has to be plugged into a power socket to charge a phone/pad, that might as well be plugged into the same socket. It’s a non-issue, a solution looking for a problem, a first-world problem at that, there for the technologically posy to show off their latest stupid toy, while they sneer condescendingly at their disadvantaged neighbours.

  2. Make the iPhone 1/12th of an inch thicker (2 mm) and devote the extra space to batteries sufficient to support 2 full days of use.  For most users, battery is probably more important than trimness … especially if an iWatch means that iPhones are more likely to be tucked away out of sight in one’s pocket or purse.

    The new iPhone Maxi should have plenty of additional capacity inside to beef up the battery without increasing thickness.

  3. If you need some sort of charging pad then they’re going to likely be using some amount of power at all times, plus they’re going to be way more expensive than an extra adaptor you can plug in anywhere (or get through updates to new devices). Personally I’m happy just plugging in a tiny cable at night, then unplugging it in the morning.

  4. It is not true wireless charging. You are required to set it down on a charging pad that is wired to the outlet. The only differences would be that it is slow to charge and you don’t have to plug it physically to the charge cord.

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