Time for Apple to buy BlackBerry?

“Whenever discussion turns to what Apple (AAPL) should do with its ever-growing cash pile, acquisitions tend to be mentioned, but largely dismissed in terms of impact,” Andrew Hall writes for Seeking Alpha.

“BlackBerry (BBRY), however, now seems to me to be a strong, logical candidate,” Hall writes. “It is far from massive. Current market cap is $6.9 billion, and there is close to $2 billion in cash, so it could probably be acquired for $7-8 billion net.”

Hall writes, “Many corporate users carry a BlackBerry for business, but an iPhone or Android phone for private use, for fun, and for access to the wide range of apps that the BlackBerry store is never going to match. Most would rather carry only one phone, and a unit that combined BlackBerry security, email access, and messaging (not to mention the little red light) with Apple’s design, and iPhone Apps would have a huge attraction… A move on BlackBerry would signal that Apple really is embracing the corporate market, and combined with a deal with China Mobile (CHL), very likely for reasons I discussed here, could be a major catalyst in turning around the share price.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The corporate market is already embracing Apple. There’s no need, unless there are some useful patents worth $8 billion or so, for Apple waste their money, time and energy trying to scrape up this bit of iPhone roadkill.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


    1. The article is clearly written by somebody who hasn’t got a clue. On what level could this even make sense? The operating systems aren’t even compatible. How could this work? It would almost be a stupid as Microsoft buying the Sidekick and we all saw how that worked out!

      …a better idea would be for Microsoft to buy Blackberry. In some warped way, that would make perfect sense 🙂

    1. Pull up a satellite image on your maps app of New York….what no images.
      Use Siri to look up Movies at your local theater and watch a trailer…oh Z10 dosen’t to that.
      Sync tour contacts from Outlook….oh doesn’t work.
      Back up your date, screen settings and all other phone settings to the iCloud…..oh no cloud?
      Better put your sim card back in your iPhone 4 s

  1. why not use the $8 billion for stocks buy back or as one time dividend rather than throw the billions away. If its really worth 8 B,
    it’s been sold or taken over long time ago.

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