Apple retakes most valuable company crown from Exxon Mobil

After ceding the “Most Valuable Publicly Traded Company” title to Exxon Mobil yesterday, Apple Inc. (AAPL) has retaken the throne.

Current market values:

• Apple (+$13.88, +3.30%): $407.42 billion

• Exxon Mobil (+$1.10, +1.24%): $405.00 billion

Current Apple Inc quote via Yahoo Finance here.

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      1. Yeah, and it really doesn’t matter to me who is at the top. It just matters whether or not Apple is fairly valued relative to the other players in the market. If I believe that Apple is undervalued, then I buy. If I believe that Apple is fairly valued, then I tend to hold. Too bad that my personal stock valuation meter doesn’t work all that reliably.

  1. Apple had never given up its ‘throne’, it had been usurped for a short time by speculators, manipulators, connivers and other forms of Wall Street ‘low life’. ‘Apple Inc’s’ reign will continue to be a rocky one but its unassailable kingdom will prevail.

    1. Smoke and mirrors. As a point of trivial interest, Apple being the number 1, number 10, or number 100 biggest company by capitalization is a nice factoid. By touting this, and its loss or reclamation, people are focusing on the wrong metric.

      The correct performance metrics such as blowout record quarter, products in high demand, number one in profits, new products coming are all overlooked and treated as if trivial.

      When such positives are shown as negatives by Wallstreet, journalists and analcysts with such ‘logic’ as Apple has disappointing quarter, iPhone not able to compete with 6 inch screen androids, Apple products aren’t cheap enough or high enough profit margin,……

      Lets face it, until Apple just asks Wallstreet to come on in, have free reign and run the joint (right outta business) while helping themselves to the $140B cashpile, Apple or AAPL will get no positive press or upward movement.

      Sad crazy FUBAR world we live in.

  2. doesn’t matter if it ‘retakes’ the crown, even though its only been a couple of days since they ‘lost’ it. The entire fact of the matter, and all you need to know is that they LOST it. Apple is doomed. We want Tim’s head on a pike and a silver platter. Nothing can save Apple or AAPL.

  3. it’s up and down everyday. is it news, MDN? of course, there is really no good news or any surprise for apple. so MDN, you try to make news even it is not really important? pathetic. stop it. for long term, apple will be way behind Exxon. I guarantee it. apple’s heyday is over.

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