Apple’s iOS-powered ‘iWatch’ facing battery life challenge, sources say

“More details are emerging about Apple’s forthcoming watch, which is targeted for release this year, according to a Bloomberg report this morning and corroborated by our sources,” Nilay Patel reports for The Verge. “Bloomberg says the watch project has long been a favorite of Apple design chief Jony Ive, who reportedly ordered “boxes” of Nike sports watches for his team to study a few years ago.”

“Interestingly, we’re also told that Apple’s chosen to rework the full iOS to run on the watch instead of building up the iPod nano’s proprietary touch operating system — although the previous nano was already watch-sized and seemed like a great starting point for a wrist-sized device, Apple’s betting on iOS across product lines,” Patel reports. “That’s apparently leading to battery life issues in development, according to our sources: the goal is to last at least 4-5 days between charges, but the current watch prototypes are apparently only going for a couple days max.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tick, tock, Tim. Tick, tock.

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  1. Really surprised they didn’t work in some kind of perpetual motion technology where the swinging of one’s arm re-charges the device.

    Are we seriously going to plug in our wristwatch each night before bed?

    1. I’d imagine that watches that are powered on the motion of the arm can’t generate enough power for a complex, touch-based UI or even watching video on it.

    2. Apple also has patents for panels that are solar collectors as well as being touch sensors.

      They also have patents for inductive charging.

      Reworking iOS to be super efficient would also help. Not only for a watch, but all the other devices as well.

      It looks like Apple has been working on these battery challenges for a long time.

  2. So rumors about a product that may not even exist say the a prototype is having battery life issues. I smell FUD. I wonder if these “journalists” have asked Google how long the Google Glass battery last.

  3. Kinetic motion inverters would supplement battery life by recharging the cell using the movements of your wrist.

    I think people like Tiger Woods would find this extremely useful to keep track of his score card, if the USPGA would allow electronic score keeping instead of pencil & paper. 🙂

    1. Sure, IF they can provide enough power. I’m sure Apple looked at them and maybe even has incorporated it, but that its not solving the battery problem.

      Battery issues aren’t limited to the iWatch. Phones, laptops, etc. have all been restricted due to software demanding power from hardware. Battery technology is the Holy Grail of our computer-based society, and we’re obviously a long ways from finding it.

  4. The iPod Nano watch size was the worst iPod ever. Everything about it sucked. Clumsy size, touchscreen to small, software limited and not useful. The Absolute worst. If Apple brings anything to market close to that Nano it will be a disaster. I heard Jony was a big proponent of that crappy Nano design also. If iWatch is anything less than a revolutionary TV product Apple will lose a lot of credibility.

    1. Just to offer a different point of view: I found that iPod to be absolutely the best iPod I have ever owned. Since I don’t care about video of any sort, I have thoroughly enjoyed my “watch-size” Nano. Since I don’t have to have my entire collection with and can manage playlists quite easily: it get’s my vote. But I guess different people have different perspectives. I wonder: does that make one of us right and one of us wrong; or just different with different expectations and different tastes.


  5. So a product that may not even exist at all, might be having problems, like pretty much EVERY new prototype product in development in the history of consumer electronics?

    This is news how, exactly?

  6. I always put my watches in the same place whenever I take them off.

    If the iWatch had the ability for wireless charging, I could simply put a charging pad where I store my watches. I have electric for my watch winder case there.

    So, a couple of days is just fine. Unless I get lost in a cave while spelunking.

  7. Hey MDN… I’ve been finding your takes a little aggressive, especially in response to rumors such as this. Where are the good old days when you warned us to read articles with a grain of salt. All the ANUL-YSTS and their ‘sources’ have been wrong multiple times and your starting to take thier side… Maybe it’s not Apple that’s failed you, but maybe your failing Apple by not giving them some credit..

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