China Mobile rolls out TD-LTE service paving way for Apple’s iPhone

“On Wednesday we reported that with Qualcomm’s new LTE solution supporting TD-LTE, Apple is likely to gain access to China Mobile’s network later this year with their iPhone 6,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today, DigiTimes is reporting that China Mobile, the largest mobile telecom carrier in China, unveiled new phones in Barcelona this week at the Mobile World Congress based on TD-LTE confirming that some of their network is now running with this new standard,” Purcher reports. “This is likely to open the door for Apple’s iPhone 6.”

Purcher reports, “This development would exponentially grow Apple’s footprint in the largest market in the world.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not just for “iPhone 6,” but perhaps more for a future, low-cost iPhone model, too?


  1. Missing the obvious point, the new Qualcomm RF360 wireless chipset will support TD-SCDMA which China Mobile is currently using. The TD-LTE roll out will be slow.

  2. Dear big investors of AAPL, tonight Apple is hitting its 52 weeks low , I am already very scared and frustrated that I decide to surrender all of my AAPL I bought at $680 . I don’t want to see AAPL to fall to $300 . I give up !!

    1. The biggest mistake one can make is to sell out of fear. Sell if you have to, but don’t sell because you can’t see the bottom. The bottom could be $300. If it goes that low though, it will enjoy an incredible bounce. I realize that if you bought at $680 that’s small comfort, but don’t lose faith. Keep your nest egg where you know that, in time, the markets will reward it.

  3. “Not just for “iPhone 6,” but perhaps more for a future, low-cost iPhone model, too?”

    Yeah, like in 2015 when the iPhone 6 is offered for $100, or maybe 2016 when its offered for free (both with contract).

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