Samsung’s new ‘Wallet’ bears striking resemblance to Apple’s Passbook

“Samsung on Wednesday introduced a new smartphone application called ‘Wallet,’ which bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s own Passbook feature,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The new Wallet application for Android carries store cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and coupons,” Hughes reports. “As noted by The Verge, the resemblance to Apple’s Passbook is striking, even down to the icon Samsung chose to use.”

Hughes reports, “Samsung’s announcement of Wallet, and its similarities to Apple’s Passbook, are noteworthy because Apple for years has been accusing Samsung of copying its devices.”

Left, Apple's Passbook icon. Right, Samsung Wallet. Via The Verge.
Left, Apple’s Passbook icon. Right, Samsung Wallet. Via The Verge.

Read more in the full article here.

Read The Verge‘s report here.

MacDailyNews Take: Color us wholly unsurprised. The slavish copier out of Samsungorea strikes again.

At this point, anyone who supports Samsung has no concern for ethical behavior, not to mention intellectual property rights.

So, what’s Apple’s recourse? Sue them and let it wind though the world’s court “systems” for about five years upon which time any verdicts rendered will be meaningless.

Having long ago passed the point of ridiculousness, perhaps Tim Cook should ring up his friends in Washington D.C. and ask for the delivery of a meaningful message to South Korea about respecting intellectual property rights, among other things?

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    1. I think that Passbook is still in its infancy, for sure, and it doesn’t have that killer feature that will make everyone use it regularly (being able to pay for most stuff with it).

      My issue is not how long it takes to get things into Passbook (which doesn’t seem to be that difficult to me, but I’m also not expecting much), but with how few apps actually take advantage of it.

      Currently, the best thing I’ve got in my Passbook is a train ticket to Hogwarts and a theater ticket to the Star Wars premiere. Not very useful, but fun to show friends.

    1. Samsung will continue to copy Apple until the laws change. There is no incentive for them to do any differently since they profit greatly from copying / cloning Apple’s hard work and get away with it. It’s a very sad situation but I think the smart people know better and don’t support them. Samsung should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. The laws don’t need to change; they need to be upheld. Bobble head Suzi Koh let the Apple-Samsung trial drag on while allowing Sammy to continue to file ridiculous motions, flagrantly break court rules and basically make a farce out of our patent defense system. Then she essentially neutered a jury verdict of willful infringement. Her singular debacle set US companies back about 10 years.

        1. LOVE your avatar of Ash @GroovyBruce (Twitter). Quite apropos. I, for one would love to see Bruce Campbell (Sam Axe on TV’s “Burn Notice”) be the new spokesperson for Appple. He’s a huge fan of the company.

        2. Note that Judge Lucy Koh has still not issued her final decision on penalties, fully 6 months after the trial verdict! The trial is still not over, and the penalties cannot be appealed until that happens. Koh’s dilatory decision likely ensures that appeals will drag on into 2014.

      2. Samsung won’t be ashamed of themselves. What they are doing is basic and standard practice for Korean conglomerates. Corporate espionage, copying and stealing is how most of these Big name companies got to where they want to be. And they have the Korean government in their pocket so they can use the Korean government almost how they see fit to protect themselves in Korea and abroad. I am not even exaggerating. Samsung is just doing what they do naturally and have been since the beginning. Apple is just the target of the day.

  1. As far as the MDN take: Foolish, stupid, small penised and immature. Perhaps when Tim calls DC they will tell them that South Korea gets special protection from the USA because of that guy with the bad haircut to the North.

    Propping up the South Korean economy is one of the main jobs of pour government, and all sides of the political spectrum support that maneuver.

  2. You can imagine how people at Samsung smirk while copying or slavishly referencing to Apple’s works.

    We all copy to a certain extend. But there are difference between shamelessly doing it and respectfully being inspired by it.

    I wish I have better words to convey such concept, but well, shame on those who glorify bad business mannerism, and sugar coat it with the legal ridicules…

    1. Agreed. I believe the courts will tell Apple to send over information to Samsung prior to the release so Samsung can get their rip off copies to market first. Also, send Google a copy to help keep the Android current with the theft. I believe the courts feel we should leave no crook behind.

  3. Oh come on! They are completely different. Samsung used a smaller radius on the corners and the ‘pocket’ is horizontal rather than diagonal. It is true that the back ground is black but that is not patentable. The airplane is on the blue ticket and going the other direction. The movie ticket is green instead of blue and there are more tickets in the ‘pocket’. Can’t you see the difference?

  4. “Tim Cook should ring up his friends in Washington D.C.”

    And they will smile, cluck their tongues and nod their heads in sympathy, and then quietly go back to business as usual; i.e. doing nothing.

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