Apple patent for flexible display slap bracelet ‘iWatch’ could fire up stock again

“Apple application 20130044215, filed with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), is the best evidence so far as to how iWatch may look and work,” Nigam Arora writes for Forbes.

“It appears Apple is abandoning the traditional style watch in favor of a bracelet,” Arora writes. “The bracelet may have two parts, a touch sensitive flexible display and a solar power collector… Other sources of power could include a kinetic power source similar to those found on some wristwatches. An accessory device designed to be worn on a leg or arm could greatly benefit from this sort of power generation, and could lengthen the amount of time between charging.”

Arora writes, “Morgan Stanley estimate that iWatch may add about $2.50 to $4.00 per share to Apple’s bottom line on revenues of $10 – $15 billion… If Apple is the first to actually introduce a solar powered phone as indicated by a patent, I’d expect the stock to approach $700 again.”

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  1. Right now I am listening to NPR (US National Public Radio) blether on about Apple’s ‘flexible watch patent’, when in fact, as posted here at MDN yesterday, the word ‘watch’ is never used in the patent. Nonetheless, here is NPR interviewing a bunch of ‘iWatch’ rumor fanatics talking about Apple’s flexible wrist watch while playing clips from Dick Tracy. *rolling eyes*

    Gee Whiz Tech! ‘It’s kewl!’

    NPR is also heralding that wonderful future cause of pedestrian deaths, Google Glass. Watch out for that car… that fence… that cliff… that elderly lady… that shark… ! ! !

    1. But there’s a ton of idiots that we raise it all from the dead and link whore it.

      Imagine trying to hold something paper thin that flexes?
      Imagine trying to use something that is wrapped around your wrist… all curved and twisted?

      Does anybody think about actually using this shit? No, people are truly dumb blind followers and herd into delusional thinking.

      Let me say this again: this flexible display nonsense will be our TVs, not our smartphones. You’ll go to Futureshop, or, if you’re American, BestBuy or whatever, purchase a 2 lb rolled up, paper thin 60″ 8 K TV, and stick it on whatever wall you want.

      And vertical markets will get saturated with them as well. From ad purposed, large flexible panel screens in airports, to sports bars, to streets… common walls will be turned into connected screens.

    1. At least it can be taken off. The Fandroid barcode you’ve got tattooed on the back of your neck is indelible. The Google drones will be able to keep track of you much easier with that.

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