Woz: BlackBerry will ultimately have to switch to Android; Apple should release iTunes for Android, Windows Phone

“Apple Inc. has kept its power to determine the course of consumer electronics even as it faces tougher competition in mobile phones and tablets, said Steve Wozniak, who co-founded the company with Steve Jobs in 1976,” Cornelius Rahn reports for Bloomberg. “Companies such as Amazon.com Inc. and Google Inc. ‘all have great ideas, but sometimes you need a critical mass of loyal users that will instantly buy and go this direction,’ Wozniak said in an interview at Bloomberg’s Berlin office this week. ‘Apple is really good at setting a standard with a new device. Apple still has its halo in that regard.'”

“Apple should consider opening up its ecosystem, for instance by allowing buyers of mobile devices running Microsoft Corp. or Google Android to use the iTunes media-management software, Wozniak said,” Rahn reports. “Wozniak, who has a black and a white iPhone 5, using Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., respectively, said he expects Microsoft’s Windows Phone software to gain ‘enough critical mass to keep going with their tablets and phones’ as the company is present in more markets than Apple.”

Rahn reports, “BlackBerry will ultimately have to switch to the Android operating system, he said, adding that the company’s ‘good reputation as a hardware builder’ and their brand should provide enough differentiation for the company’s products.”

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    1. Woz doesn’t deserve to come back, in fact if Apple is still providing him any kind of money or perks he should be cut loose. He is basically a traitor as this point. Talking up the competition and talking shit about Apple.

      Also if Woz ever came back and he was privy to any sensitive information or products it would no doubt make Eric T. Mole’s treachery look tame in comparison.

  1. I think the long term trend will be for current handset makers to find a way to get out of Android, especially now that Google is in the hardware business having bought Motorola Molbility.

    Samsung wiill be the first to take the Android code and fork it into something else. And since Android users never actually buy apps, they won’t care, their investment in the platform is nil.

    BB should stay with their new OS and see where it goes. They may fail but if they were just another me-too Android shop, their failure would be a certainty.

  2. I don’t think android would help blackberry. Their operating system is less messy. Their apps may be lacking but are probly less malware. Woz is enamored with android since they welcome him into their circle. Apple doesn’t quite extend the same embrace.

    1. I think it’s more that Woz is a tinkerer by nature (and once, by trade) and as a result, he’s drawn to Android. But he’s still using an iPhone. He’s also probably got a few Android phones lying around still, too. He just loves gadgets.

  3. It is pretty obvious by now that regardless what the facts are or public opinion is regarding Famdroid, it is here to stay. Whatever Apple should be owed through settlement or lawsuit is not likely to happen. Given those facts, Apple can either make money from Android or sit back and bitch about it.

    What Woz is suggesting is that Apple compete for the Android dollar just as Google competes for the iOS dollar. Not doing so leaves a lot of money on the table.

    As to the long term, Google is getting better at software faster than Apple is getting it’s act together at web services. With Motorola and Google working on Androids unloaded with 3rd party BS the road a year from now could be a lot tougher for Apple.

    1. “…Google is getting better at software faster than Apple is getting it’s act together at web services.”

      Assuming Apple is sitting on it’s ass, which is highly doubtful. I’ve heard this notion parroted a few times now and it amounts to speculation at best.

      1. It is not speculation that Apple’s web services record sucks. It is also not speculation that Google shines in this area.

        It is not speculation that Android is improving rapidly as is Chrome and other software. Apple’s software seems stuck in an eternal beta state and the company seems tone deaf regarding the Macintosh and to a lesser extent iOS.

    2. Wow, you actually think Woz is on to something? Apple is enjoying far greater success than anything using android and actually the Blackberry 10 OS is very good compared to android which seems to be continuously waning. Tizen will also help replace android.

      FYI, Apple won’t do anything to support android. It is a stolen, bastard OS and Apple does not play with thieves or freaks.

  4. Ok, let’s see:

    – Android on BlackBerry… perhaps. Perhaps not the best alternative. Since they traditionally served the corporate IT market, perhaps Windows Mobile would be a better suit for them. One of BlackBerry’s strong offering has always been security. Android is a security mess.

    – iTunes on Windows and Android? I think that’s brilliant. They have it on Windows already, opening the iPod ecosystem to Windows user. iTunes is a big revenue source. Moves a lot of interesting content not available for non-iOS users. Apple can profit from iTunes content in Android and Windows, the same way they profit from the iPod on Windows.

  5. itunes is on windows, keep it there, but not android, since it is a rip-off of the o/s from the start… plus android users dont buy stuff for the most part, so its a moot point.

    1. iTunes is on Windows, but not Windows Mobile, and it won’t sync, nor should it, with Windows Mobile or Android. The only reason Apple should have for allowing iTunes to sync natively with an alien mobile OS is if competitive pressures dictate it. Those pressures don’t currently exist.

  6. It’s funny that people keep quoting this guy. Just because he was dragged by Steve Jobs into starting Apple. He hasn’t really done anything since the Apple II. He knows less about running a business than my dog but yet everything he mutters about what Apple should do gets quoted by every web site as though it actually mattered.

  7. For now, iTunes for Android possibly would jeapordize Apple’s infringement cases by seeming to legitimize Android. So, I don’t think that will happen until the legal cases are settled. Also, we can assume Google believes iTunes for Android is not in the cards, since the company is developing its own music platform. Finally, the news that Google is considering opening it’s own retail stores signals that it is preparing for the day when it fully enters the hardware business, which should be part of any competitive equation too.

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