15 features Apple should include in iOS 7

“Apple may not have targeted the enterprise directly yet with the iPhone and iPad, but for some time, enterprise users have nonetheless chosen Apple products to use at wo,” Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet.

“It’s therefore in the Cupertino, California-based technology giant’s best interests to start catering for the needs of those in business, particularly if it can ultimately add to the company’s bottom line,” Whittaker writes. “With the expected release of Apple’s next iteration of its mobile platform, iOS 7, later this year, what can we hope to expect to appease the burgeoning number of enterprise users?”

Whittaker writes, “Here are 15 suggestions that would bolster Apple’s relationship with its enterprise customers.”

• A physical divide between ‘personal’ and ‘work’
• Better email management
• Quick access to core system features, like wi-fi and VPN
• Automatic app updates
• Custom domain search in Spotlight
• Unread item count on lock screen
• Location-aware sound profiles
• Location-aware wi-fi networking
• ‘Guest mode’ for BYOD users
• AirDrop for simple file-sharing functionality
• Longer PIN code for enhanced security
• Set default apps
• iPad multitasking
• Uninstall native, unnecessary apps
• Offline maps

Each of the fifteen bullet points above discussed in the full article here.


    1. You’re missing the point. Some apps will never be necessary to certain users regardless of how good they are.

      Additionally, it’s impossible to make one app fits all. This is why so many people want to be able to set default apps.

            1. I had to buy an Android device for development work and testing. I have a Nexus 7. I hate it as compared to my iPad mini or iPad 4.

              Android is a total friggin’ mess, even if it does allow for some things that I wish Apple did.

          1. Yeah, but the ‘Walled Garden’ is so much more lush and beautiful than the open Open OPEN malware and crapware rat hole that is available with jailbreaking. It’s a question of benefits for me.

            I’d say hack away if you want to. But as I’ve said here at MDN endlessly: You have all the responsibility for the choices you make. Know what you’re doing before you hack and don’t expect sympathy, don’t expect Apple’s help, if your experiment FAILs. It’s an extremely basis message, relevant to the fundamental aspects of being alive.

    2. And who’s going to decide which apps are ‘cool’, and ‘necessary’?
      You? As far as I’m concerned, Stocks, Weather, Passbook and Game Center are redundant, to others, they may be essential. It’s me who decides what is essential to me, nobody else.

  1. Not sure if my definition of “guest mode” is the same as his, but it would be great if I could had my iPhone or iPad to my kids so they could play games and not have access to my personal files or e-mail.

      1. what’s with all this sharing of expensive work related fragile glass hand computers with snotty nosed rug rats? my kids NEVER ask to PLAY with my gadgets.

        Dad’s stuff is Dad’s stuff! Oversharing has really gotten out of hand these days.

        I’d no sooner let my kids handle the device I practically run the family with than I would expect a sheriff to let his kids play with his gun.

  2. Most of that list is only useful in his mind.. of the 15 items, perhaps 5 are worth a flip and a couple just dumb.. I wouldn’t want auto app updates ever, Location aware sound profiles, maybe I am missing the point, but why? The others could be debated to some degree, and only a handful are useful.

    1. “Location aware sound profiles, maybe I am missing the point, but why?”

      I would use this. At home, I’m often putting my iPhone down on surfaces where I can’t here it vibrate, and miss calls. On the other hand, when I’m in public, I can’t stand having it disturb others with any ringtone. So I’d set it to vibrate outside of home and as a ringtone at home.

      App updating I wouldn’t use either but I would set it to on for my girlfriend.

  3. My wish list:
    – Consistent stock apps across devices (add Weather, Stocks, and Voice Memos to iPads)
    – Consistent icons across devices (why a different Clock icon for different devices?)
    – Ability to create, edit, and send from groups (distro lists) in Mail
    – Fold Podcasts back into the Music app, nuke the Podcasts app (or a *dramatic* redesign of the Podcasts app)

    – Add an actual file system or build Dropbox in at the system level. Or just buy Dropbox and be done with it. (These will never happen, but I can dream; I’m tired of having to open things in different apps and pass them off).

    1. Totally ludicrous that I can transfer my pics via Dropbox but not through my own home wifi network (am I missing something?) even though I can print seamlessly through wifi with no set up which broke sometime ago on my Mac and I gave up trying to sort.
      Airdrop would be the single biggest improvement for me for files sharing generally. Embarrassing that in 6 versions this simple functionality doesn’t exist natively between my Mac and iPad its like there is a wall between them.

      Another improvement would be an improved user interface/multitasking convention whereby one doesn’t have to go clunkily alternative between apps, mail/iphoto in particular, or through laborious pop up menus to transfer things when its crying out for simple drag and drop. I visualised a ‘swipe to reveal’ function years ago to reveal other apps for transfer which now seems to be an integral aspect of RIM 10.
      The other things are a decent screenshot capability which I find vital for my work/purchasing requirements and a more sophisticated way of grouping similar apps which is the one thing that I like about Win 8 and looks a little cheap add on in iOS.

    1. Reverse Airplay would be cool, but print to network printers would be a problem. This issue is that drivers would need to be developed for iOS for each printer.

      Instead of doing that, Apple developed AirPrint, and said to the vendors, “Here, this is the standard. Be compatible with this spec and half a billion mobile devices will be able to use your printers”.

        1. there just aren’t that many AirPrint-compatible printers in the wild…

          That’s kind of an exaggeration. Go here and read:

          What Printers Are AirPrint Compatible?

          I count from this 2012-11-30 list:

          Brother = 41 AirPrint printers
          Canon = 96 AirPrint printers
          Dell = 4 AirPrint printers
          EPSON = 81 AirPrint printers
          Gestetner = 11 AirPrint printers
          Hewlett-Packard = 59 AirPrint printers
          Infotec = 6 AirPrint printers
          Lanier = 6 AirPrint printers
          Lenovo = 2 AirPrint printers
          Lexmark = who cares, skipped
          RICOH = 12 AirPrint printers
          ShameDung = 11 AirPrint printers
          Savin = 6 AirPrint printers

          Here is another list with even HIGHER numbers:

          Then there are the helper utility apps that access Mac Printer Sharing, if that’s amenable:
          AirPrint Activator

          On both Windows and Mac, there is a helper utility app called:

          IOW: Research is a wonderful thing! It let’s you know what you’re talking about!

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