Microsoft ‘sells out’ of undisclosed number of Surface Pro units

“Microsoft appears to be ‘sold out’ of its 128GB tablet/notebook hybrid Surface Pro,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for RoughlyDrafted.

“Selling out of your inventory means ‘the market has spoken,’ says Ed Bott of ZDNet,” Dilger writes. “This is because subtracting an unknown number of sales from an unknown number of units in inventory provides clear proof that an unknown number of events have occurred.”

Dilger writes, “Unfortunately for Ed Bott and the ‘Surface Must Be Successful, Damn the Reviews’ crowd, this isn’t isn’t the first time Microsoft has sold out of a product that subsequently did so poorly that the company abandoned the entire business. Remember the Zune HD? That was just over three years ago in 2009, back before Microsoft scrambled to port Windows 7 to the ARM architecture for the Surface RT. It was widely reported to have “sold out” from Amazon to Newegg to BestBuy. Two years later it was discontinued because in reality it never sold well.”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

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    1. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Microsoft fans would buy anything. I recall that “netbooks” were going to take over and be the dominant form factor, but that didn’t happen, did it? Everyone hated Vista, even though it was the basis for Win7. Win8 is a weird mutation of Win7 and the windows phone interface, but I think it too will fall flat on it’s face.

    2. Sometimes I think the reason Samsung’s versions of Apple ideas are doing so well is that there are people who plain hate Apple, and refuse to buy their stuff—regardless of how good it is. However, those people have finally come to the realization that anything Microsloth makes repeatedly sucks. Samsung gave these Apple haters an out. They didn’t have to buy Apple to use a product superior to anything Microsloth releases—even if Samsung’s is not as good as Apple’s, they can save face and say they don’t own an Apple product.

  1. It’s pretty easy to sell out when multiple reports over the weekend indicated that virtually retailer including Best Buy and Staples stores received no more than 6 units per location.

    1. Exactly, selling out either means people are buying them faster than you can make them or you’re not making them as fast as people are buying them. In this case Microsoft’s probably slowing down production, so they don’t get stuck with a load of crap on their hands.

    1. That’s just masochistic. I don’t need to lick a cow’s ass to know it would be an unpleasant experience. If Billy Bob says it’s a shit experience I’ll take his word on it. The Surface Pro reviews are good enough for me.

  2. When there are lines at all Microsoft retail stores before the availability of a new product on the shelves, I will believe those independent reports.

    Until then it is all Balmer S.

    1. Frequently there are lines at mS stores for GrandOpenings and new products because they are giving away free tickets or have some entertainer. Lines are not to buy the product. MS plans to open in Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu in the summer. I plan to do a fist hand report. Apple has 3 stores in Honolulu. Ala Moana store does killer business.

    1. I’m sure Daniel has been waiting with bated breath for your advice. He just had to know if it was ok with you for him to keep writing. I’m sure he’ll have to listen to you.

    2. Thanks for the heads up. Here all this time I was fooled into thinking he is very sharp, with a keen insight into technological and competitive issues, plus a record of highly dependable predictability. You just never know about people.

    3. “This is because subtracting an unknown number of sales from an unknown number of units in inventory provides clear proof that an unknown number of events have occurred.

      Comparing this unknown number of sales events with a parallel figure derived by subtracting an unknown number of sales from an unknown number of units in inventory of a second model simply provides reliable proof that Microsoft is an unstoppable force in tablet computing. Whew! the iPad nightmare is over.”

      Quotes like this make wading through 10 pages of Dilger diatribe all worthwhile.

  3. There hasn’t been enough time for the returns to hit yet.

    I have a friend who works MS retail. He said they had a line at his store for the surface pro. That does not mean those people won’t later return it however.

  4. Yippee lets all queue up at the super “Microsoft Stores” to get our hands on the “amazing” the “state of the fart…err art” new device called “Suffer Pro” tablets..before the total stock of 10500 units run out..

  5. Just a variation on MS giving out concert tickets when they open one of their stores. It’s a facade to give the appearance that a lot of people (especially young kids) are interested in checking out the MS store when the only reason that they are there is to get the free tickets.

    Makes a good headline for the Low Information Pundits who are either too lazy or incompetent to see or report beyond the MS smokescreen.

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