Apple’s next-gen iPad mini’s Retina display is ‘amazing,’ says source

My Drivers is a mainland Chinese website (i.e. simplified characters) and the world is beating a path to that digital doorstep because it has iPad mini Retina juice, a brimming glassful,” Tapscape reports.

“Indeed there will be a Retina iPad mini, which Apple will almost certainly call ‘iPad mini with Retina display,'” Tapscape reports. “Resolution is said to be pegged at 2048 x 1536 pixels with an eye-pleasing 324ppi pixel density. Further, it’s believed that long-time Apple supplier AU Optronics will supply the panels.”

My Drivers report, in part, via Google Translate:

Subsequently there are foreign media gives the news that a contact with a prototype of the Apple iPad mini 2 internal staff said the iPad mini size and shape of the iPad mini, but the improvement of the display “amazing”. In addition, the employee also revealed that, in order to support this piece of retina screen, iPad mini using A5X dual-core processor (GPU quad-core).

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, using proven iPad (3rd gen.) SoC and other components certainly won’t hurt Apple’s margins. If the next-gen iPad mini ships as described, Wall Street analysts should take note.


          1. Chick,
            Have you ever seen the patents apple has for flexible screens?

            They make this poster have a reasonable question

            Can they make a “rubber” iPad that will fit in your coat pocket and allow you to lean against the door of your Mercedes without breaking?

    1. Dude… WTF?
      The mini is faster than all iPads (with the exception of the new 4) and it’s resolution is pretty dam good (better than the iPad 1 and 2 and subjectively better than any ‘roid tablet I have seen (which look way over saturated & over gamma’d, like cheap color TVs)
      Add to that; virtually any iPad (except the original iPad 1) can put virtually ALL of the ‘roid tablets to shame in graphics & speed.

      Have you ever actually used an iPad mini?

  1. I’d rather it had the A6X on a finer fab point (at 28 nm or smaller) then Apple does the A7/A7X for the new iPhone 5S and iPad 5 respectively, both at 22 nm or smaller, but that may be asking for too much.

    A retina display for the iPad mini is pretty much a given. Apple will take a severe beating from every pundit out there if they don’t deliver a retina display on the next generation mini.

    I don’t think we need 128 GB on the mini just yet. Someday, absolutely. However, the 128 GB for the standard iPad was for higher end graphics applications and such. It will be a while before the mini gets there.

  2. What does it matter? The whole world knows they can buy a Kindle Fire HD for $199, so why pay more for an iPad.

    All I know is Apple better win that tablet contract in Turkey no matter what it takes. There’s absolutely no reason why Apple can’t AFFORD to make some concessions to sweeten the deal. It would be absolutely disheartening to see Apple lose out to Microsoft or Google. Not because of just the monetary loss but the news media will have a field day slicing Apple apart.

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