How to dodge interview questions about Apple’s iPhone, RIM style

When repeatedly asked what his company RIM Europe have learned from Apple in producing the new Blackberry 10, which is launched today, managing director Stephen Bates refuses to answer.

What have you learned from Apple?

Have you learned anything from the iPhone?

Okay, but obviously, the iPhone is your main competitor. What have you learned from the iPhone?

So you haven’t learned anything from the iPhone?


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  1. The questions from the reporter themselves were douchey. And did not merit a response. A “reporter” wanting titillation and nothing more. I myself do not think I could have had the disciple to shove my shoe up his ass.

    1. Yeah, why wasn’t this reporter simply fulfilling the role of obsequious boot-licker, nodding and smiling enthusiastically as Blackberry’s shill filled the room with warmer air?

    1. Oh, bullshit. The reporter wanted a conversation – you know, an ‘interview’. Instead, it was just a marketing pitch! The interviewer was dead on they money when he said, “but it sounds like you’re just reading from a press release.” Exactly.

      Instead of just staying on point and acting like the interviewer wasn’t even there, he could have simply acknowledged the question by saying something like, “Clearly the iPhone is a popular device, and what Apple did was bring a good user experience to the masses. We think we’ve improved on that with BB10. BB10 brings our core competency – personal communication – to bear, but wraps it in a stellar user experience.” or something along those lines.

      It’s not rocket science. The guy is Managing Director of RIM in the UK. He probably makes a million pounds a year; he should be able to think on his feet and give a decent interview.

  2. That guy did say anything. Just a rambling hot mess. No wonder BB is a non-player these days. I almost never see a BB on the street if i do I look at them like its a betamax or B/W TV and think “They still make those?”

  3. As a huge Apple fan, even I have to agree that the reporter was being a douche. And as someone stated above, while it’s true this guy likely does make a million pounds a year and should have responded with something, the reporter wasn’t really listening anyway. Kind of trashy.

    In any case, I do think that RIM/Blackberry have added a compelling feature in ‘Balance’, and it is something nobody had really thought of doing before. At least it’s something.

    We made the President of our company switch to an iPhone 2 months ago, and he really just does not like it. He truly prefers a physical keyboard. He just does. We all shake our heads at him, but this is a very successful guy, who is likely going to go back to the platform he loves.

    Will there be enough people that will return? Well not enough for them to enjoy anywhere near the level of success they had in the past, but I don’t think they can be counted out. Yet.

  4. Well better than what Samesung learned like in make it the same and gamble with court & still make $$$ – did not willfully just only a slight direction in email not willful…

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