Will Apple ever sell 5 million Macs in a quarter again?

“Even though CEO Tim Cook said there were plenty of reasons (5) for the decline of Mac growth, including iMac constraints, Mac sales for the year are heading toward ‘flat,” Seth Weintraub reports for 9to5Mac.

“While not making enough iMacs for Christmas shopping was a significant and uncharacteristic operational misstep, it doesn’t account for the significant drop in Mac sales overall year-over-year and even sequentially,” Weintraub reports. “iMacs and desktops in general have been a declining component of the Mac market as MacBooks take over the space, so even a significant drop in iMac sales wouldn’t account for a 20-percent drop year-over-year and sequentially.”

Weintraub reports, “Without a major hardware change or drastic price cuts, it is hard to imagine Apple having another 5 million Mac quarter. It would seem that, like iPods a few years ago, Macs have peaked… The good news is that Apple is cannibalizing its own Mac growth (as well as overall PC growth) with its own high-margin iPads—and lots of them.”

Much more, including some interesting graphs, in the full article here.


  1. DAH …. They sold over 4 million in what amounted to 6-7 weeks, AT BEST, they were available …… Next quarter they should sell at least 6 million, if the manufacture process can improve …..

    In my estimation, Apple should of keep previous model available alongside the new ones and if they had, for sure they sell five million, easy …..

    1. True. I ordered two 27 inch iMacs for work on 8/8/2012. Never shipped. Called before they announced the new version, and apple had actually CANCELLED my original order. We had to reorder with the new model.

      Preordered the day they were available to purchase.

      Delivery date kept getting pushed back..then had a solid date for Jan 18th.

      No show..now we have no delivery date..just “processing order”.

      The fact that they cancelled the original order is crap. They didn’t even give the option to stay with the old model.

      1. I have one for sale…..
        27″ 2.7 GHz i5
        12 GBs RAM
        2 TB hard drive
        1 year left on Applecare

        I plan on having Apple check some abnormalities on the screen to repair/replace (you can only see them during startup) and then put on ebay around tax rebate time.

        I will then buy a monitor and make my MacBook Pro the only computer….other than my 2010 Mini for my entertainment server….and the 1.25GHz g4 iMac that is for picture display and looks…..and my original 20″ iMac 2 GHz Core Duo that needs its sorry-ass video card’s solder reflowed. Oh, and the three G3 iMacs I have in storage……

          1. There is a ‘towertone’ on ebay. THAT is not me. I have no idea why someone used that moniker, and I haven’t decided on an exact date yet, but I will drop a hint if I keep up the courage to go through with it…..

      2. Ordered my 27 inch iMac 12:01 am PST Nov. 30,2012. Estimated delivery dates 12-18-2012 through 12-27-2012. It was delivered 12-17-2012. Earlier than projected. But I literally ordered it the first few seconds that you could. I check delivery times later that day and they had slipped to much later dates. So you had to be quick pulling the trigger if you wanted it anytime soon.

  2. I still hear lots of traditionally PC people saying that their next computer will be a Mac. I think that maybe people are just buying tablets and holding off upgrading their computers. I love my iPads (spend 90% of my computer time on the iPad), but still prefer my Mac for intricate work. I think that this will be true for most people. I’m not sure that the Mac market has peaked (However, I know I am biased).

  3. Design a Mac that can be manufactured at that level.. then, no problem. Jony thinks the whole company is his personal playground. If some cool nee process comes up, he has to use it. Even when there is no benefit to the end user. It’s madness.

  4. I guest-lectured a class at Harvard Law School last week. 25 students, 25 macs, seriously. Despite the magic of the iPad, I think people will want Macs to do really high-productivity work for many years to come, and with a new generation of young people who have grown up on Apple wanting them, I think there is still tremendous Mac grow to come.

  5. The answer is obvious – only if they are available. It is nothing short of a colossal blunder that Tim Cook introduced a great new iMac without any to sell. And, the beat goes on. Retailers don’t have any, Apple Retail Stores’ managers don’t know when they will have a supply, on line ordering is guessing they can deliver one in about a month, etc., etc. What happened to the promised MacPro after years of ignoring the demand for the greatest machine of its kind ever made? There’s an entire web site, dedicated Facebook community, and petitions with thousands of names pleading for a new MacPro. Tim said last year they were making one and it would be for sale this year. I asked two Apple Retail Store managers when and they looked puzzled and both said they never heard Tim say that. They wanted to know if I was interested in one of the old ones they had on hand. Miserable, inept, and clueless are three words now best describing the management of what used to be a great company. Tim Cook must go!

    1. I need new Mac pros. I have been waiting a long time to order them. But Apple just doesn’t really care about professionals anymore. And Apple blundered by eliminating the stock of current iMacs before the production of newer iMacs were ready to ship. Terrible mistake. Cost them revenue and hurt their earnings call. That’s a supply/production issue Tim. And an Apple store manager is not going to know much sooner than anyone else when the Mac Pros will be shipping.

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