Apple loses ‘World’s Most Valuable Company’ crown to Exxon Mobil

“Apple Inc. surrendered the title of the world’s most valuable company to Exxon Mobil Corp. after concern over slowing growth drove the shares to the biggest loss in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index,” Sarah Pringle and Lu Wang report for Bloomberg.

“Apple’s 12-month reign as the No. 1 stock ended after the shares slumped 18 percent this year, worse than any other companies in the benchmark gauge for U.S. equities,” Pringle and Wang report. “The decline reduced its market capitalization to $412 billion, below Exxon Mobil’s $417 billion.”

Pringle and Wang report, “About $245 billion has been erased from Apple’s value since the Cupertino, California-based company rose to an all-time high in September. Even as Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook guided Apple to record iPad and iPhone sales, investors worry about management’s ability to keep producing hit products more than a year after the death of co-founder Steve Jobs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The hits just keep on comin’!


    1. Even if it is about gross margin, Exxon Mobil has much worse gross margin and expect to announce only less than $10 billion of net profit for winter quarter (Apple got $13.1 billion). And it grows very little.

      However, Apple promises less than $10 billion profits next quarter, too. They might show tiny bit less profits than EM, hence it is logical that Apple should cost slightly less. Also, Apple only promises 5-10% revenue growth YoY for March quarter, which investors can not appreciate at all.

    1. Definitely not. New products won’t change anything unless Apple can manage to outsell Samsung’s products in global market share and that isn’t possible. From Wall Street’s point of view, Samsung can do anything better than Apple and for less money.

      Samsung is going to do everything possible to flood the smartphone market in an attempt to put Apple out of business and Wall Street will be thrilled. If Apple doesn’t have some novel device to sell, then Apple is finished on Wall Street. It’s scary to face that as a shareholder but that’s how it is.

  1. This is a crazy world where a company posts record earnings and record profit and stock goes down ,it’s all a game and it really is ashamed the little guy gets abused .wall street is out of touch with reality .big investors don’t care about a company they just care about the cash .apple doesn’t need Wall Street ,never did ,time to say goodbye to the shisters

    1. In this fast moving tech industry analysts do not price the AAPL shares based on historical performance, which is what financial reporting focuses on. You can have good products last year, but gone by next year. This is what Apple is facing, but its leaders seem to be unable to keep in pace with the rapidly changing landscape. Apple is losing the initiative in the game.

  2. If you are watching the stock you can see that people are buying into the decline as it bounces down toward $400. There is still a lot of selling pressure to go. I see more sellers than buyers right now. Every time it plateaus another pile of sell orders knock it down.

    My buy order is @ $400. I haven’t bought since the low $300s. If it doesn’t make $400 it is NBFD, it’s close enough from over $700.

  3. As usual greed for lack of a better word will be the end of Wall Street. Apple does need to do something however to wow ws. To prove it can produce without Steve. Then when everyone comes running tell them to screw off!

    1. BS. Apple shouldn’t do anything to ‘wow’ WS. It needs to keep its head in the right game (not WS) and keep things coming to wow their customers. SJ understood this. Lets hope the lesson isn’t lost on current Apple management.

      Everyday end users are the people paying the bills by buying Apple products. If they lose the desire to buy Apple’s products, Apple would be dead. Keep impressing your end users Apple. Give WS the middle finger and tell them where to get off.

  4. About $245 billion has been erased from Apple’s…

    … Stock value ONLY. Meanwhile, Apple the company still had yet-another RECORD QUARTER. But the stock manipulators and ‘Apple Bears’ want to KILL THE GOLDEN GOOSE NOW NOW NOW! That ain’t gonna happen. FSCK -U Wall Street biznizz bozos. 😛

  5. The days not even over and as of RIGHT NOW at 10:58 am PST, AAPL back on top. MDN, show some restraint and report on the day, not the minute, like some gossip site on stuff like this. Always considered you legit, but you’re being as reactionary as the analysts and their “expectations”.

  6. “Apple Inc. surrendered the title of the world’s most valuable company to Exxon Mobil Corp.”

    So answer one question for me: Are you buying Exxon today?

    One more. Is Exxon growth going to be even close to Apple’s equity growth in 2013?

    1. I don’t think Exxon’s growth is so much a factor it has more to with the fact that Exxon’s business is the most basic required commodity of the modern world.

      Exxon could have poor growth but as long as the world needs oil and they can find sources of it they are a sure fire money maker for someone.

  7. the most, the second most the third most……..

    fuck off. Who gives a rats ass. They make insanely great products that I will continue to buy, period.

    This crap gives me a rash.

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