About those ‘iPhone Math’ rumors

“Late last night, reports surfaced alleging that Apple would introduce three new variations of the iPhone during 2013. The first is the iPhone 5S, expected to be released in late Spring or early Summer. This would include a slight refresh and upgrade of the iPhone 5 hardware. The second is likely to be the iPhone 6, which would come out about a year after the initial iPhone 5, and just before the 2013 holiday season (likely mid-October),” Three28Capital writes. “The third variation is where the rumors are swirling.”

“The report describes a new iPhone, dubbed the ‘Math’ (we’ll discuss the name in a moment), which is rumored to have a 4.8″ screen. The iPhone 5, after much consternation, included a larger screen than all prior iPhone’s (previously they had 3.5″ screens before introducing the huge 4″ screen). Apple did not take this step lightly,” Three28Capital writes. “Would Apple, who plans years in advance and carefully selects the appropriate time to release a new product, really make developers go through the process of redesigning their apps only nine months after the last go around?”

Three28Capital writes, “As for the name iPhone Math, it smells like a bad game of telephone. It’s not hard to imagine somebody saying iPhone ‘Max,’ which the person on the other end hears as iPhone ‘Math.'”

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    1. That is just a wild, wild guess. Currently, in the Android market, big screen phones represent a low single digit percentage (a few million units out of several hundred million).

      Unless those Android big-screen phones are colossally crappy (so people refuse to buy them), there doesn’t seem to be such great interest in them.

      However, there is clearly no shortage of cheerleaders for the species. Digitimes and other Taiwanese media keep gushing about phablets possibly reaching 60 million devices this year, and more than double the next year. Then again, as I said, they’ve always been cheerleaders for “phablets”…

      1. Depends on what size phone were talking about? If it’s larger-than my 4S, I’m in. Large means a lot of things in the newer phones. Some are too big for me. But I definitely would like a larger iPhone. And I truly believe that if Apple makes it it will outsell the current size iPhone. But it looks like that may be a while before we see one? Because you know that they are going to milk the current iPhone platform for at least one refresh. That’s just good business sense. But I think a larger iPhone is coming, I just hope it gets here soon.

    2. If the iPhone screen gets any bigger it won’t fit in my pocket. My wife’s current iPhone actually can fit in her clutch.

      I can guarantee that my wife and I won’t touch it. I suspect that there are many out there that won’t.

      My vision is horrible. 2800 degrees. The iPhone is fine. I have played with galaxy 3 and I can’t imagine I would need a larger screen.

      But… To each their own.

  1. I’d buy one to replace my iPhone 4S. 4.8″ would be nice as text wouldn’t feel so crammed on screen. I’d want the present aspect ratio to be maintained though and if that resulted in a wider phone, so be it. Right now text just feels squashed in portrait mode.

  2. Mention of a larger screen size without specifying the resolution immediately flags it up as suspect. Until such time as Apple introduces resolution independence in IOS, I can’t believe that the resolution would be anything other than the same or double of the existing models.

    It’s also curious that the name has been leaked. The name isn’t usually known outside of Apple this far ahead.

  3. The real story – it’s the “iPhone Mass”, because it has a bigger screen and is much heavier; the original source of the rumor has a lisp, and so it’s been “math” ever since..

  4. The only thing that could make my 5 better is if it had a bigger screen(and battery).. Seriously.. It’s about damn time. Ill get my pockets tailored bigger I don’t even mind..

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