Some Apple analysts ‘dissatisfied’ with life?

Dan Pallotta, of Pallotta TeamWorks, and Harvard Business Review contributor (see related articles below), explains why he has a long position on Apple stock.

Short term expectations for Apple are so high that people are hallucinating, they’re missing the big picture. They literally expect Apple to come out with, like a ‘happiness machine’ or a time travel machine… Apple doesn’t have to disrupt at that level to thrive and Apple doesn’t have to innovate every 20 minutes in order to be one of the best investments on the planet.

People are piling on Tim Cook, saying “Oh, he hasn’t introduced a new disruptive product, he hasn’t innovated.” He hasn’t innovated? This is a guy who, in a year, has taken the company through this horrible process of bereavement and refreshed every single product in the lineup. People forget, Steve Jobs didn’t innovate every year. He didn’t come up with some disruptive product every year. You know, it was four years from the time that he retook the reins at Apple until the time that he came up with the iPod. And, when he came up wioth the iPod, everybody says, “Oh, it’s too expensive.” It was six years between the iPod and the iPhone and when he came us with the iPhone, everybody said, “Well, that’s not a disruption… it’s too expensive.” Then another four years, until he comes up with the iPad and then when everybody sees that, they say “Oh, that’s not a disruption, that’s just a bigger iPhone.”

So, what people don’t understand is that Apple takes the time to get things right and that is the disruption. – Dan Pallotta, Pallotta TeamWorks

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  1. LOL they got annoyed at him. Why does Wall Street have such a hair across their ass about Apple? How can they sit there and complain about Apples margins peaking? Its not like Apple is trading at a big multiple. Why should slight margin reductions hammer the stock? Meanwhile Amazon never had any margins to speak of and trades at a ridiculous multiple.

  2. Tech journalist make too much money criticizing Apple and there are too many day traders listening to their babble.

    You can add this girl to the list of journalist that just don’t get it.

  3. Why should anyone listen to him? He’s a long hack. Apple does have major problems. To say that Tim Cook is doing a good job by refreshing products, etc. is absurd. He’s been in charge for just over a year! He’s NOT responsible for the majority of the products that have come out… that’s all still the Jobs era. Although I do make him responsible for the iPad Mini because I know Jobs would never have released a non-Retina iPad as a new product.

    Make an assessment of Cook at the END of this year moving into next and see then. Because that’s enough time for new directions to be taken.

    The big question is, will Tim Cook move things in the right direction? From what I’ve seen, I’m not confident. There’s Maps, the Podcasts App, quality control issues on the iPhone, non-Retina iMacs, the corporatization of their retail stores, no Apple TV yet, a non-Retina iPad Mini, a bizarre low resolution iPod Nano, etc. Apple’s product have become more convoluted and confusing.

    I think overall he’s taken what Jobs had and products are starting to become less than perfect. If Jobs were around the iPod Nano and iPad Mini would have been Retina, or not products at all. And he would have NEVER spec bumped the iPad 4. That was just stupid.

    Tim hasn’t hired the best people over the last year either and several executives, important ones, have left.

    There’s some major issues here guys…

  4. Can’t agree more on what Dan said. The fundamental difference between Apple and other competitors is their philosophy. Apple sincerely believe in great products, and put all their focus in creating the greatest products on earth. The drive behind Apple is much deeper than all else. Samsung will probably stop putting more effort on improving the products if they think they’ve earned enough money. But where everybody else stops, Apple will march forward, because it’s just not right, they just won’t be happy until everything falls into place. At least this is the case when Steve Jobs was still alive. The fundamental difference is they have much higher standard when it comes to product, and live up to that standard do takes time, even for Apple. But those time are so well taken because it will bring them way ahead of anyone else. This has not changed after Tim Cook take the reign, this is in Apple’s DNA. What remains to be seen is, whether Apple can still maintain the same level of vision after Steve Jobs passed away. I think that’s where the worry came from. Good thing is Apple still has John Ive, and as long as Tim is willing to listen and empower him, things are still in good shape. Just stay tuned.

  5. I’m dissatisfied with iLife. Remember when iMovie did HD? iMovie still imports HD but the dirty little secret is that it doesn’t output HD. They dumbed it down and took it to unexpected levels of suckitude.

    Bring back iMovie HD! Add Blu-ray support to iDVD!

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