Apple sued in Belgium by consumer group over warranties

“Apple Inc. is being sued by a Belgian consumer group over its product-warranty practices, more than a year after the iPad maker was fined by an Italian regulator over the same issue,” Aoife White reports for Bloomberg.

“Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats filed a lawsuit at the commercial court in Brussels claiming Apple violates laws on consumer guarantees, it said in a statement today,” White reports. “It cited customer complaints about information provided by Apple and authorized distributors about the company’s legal warranty, its one-year warranty and a warranty extension of as much as three years through the AppleCare Protection Plan.”

White reports, “Apple’s EU statutory warranty page on its website says EU consumer law covers defects in the product at the time of delivery that surface within two years of purchase. In addition to that, Apple also offers a one-year limited warranty and the AppleCare protection plan to cover defects arising after the buyer gets the device.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. 1. What kind of defect “present during the time of sale” would appear as a problem after one year?

      2. How would you prove that it was present during the first day?

      European warranty criteria is just ridiculous.

      1. Correct Paul, and its been proven that most EU Consumers can’t prove a defect after that first year and lose out due to thinking they can get a replacement and find out no fix or Warranty exists since it is by Law up to the EU Consumer to prove and Prove with facts that it was a defect at time of Manufacture.

        Apple posted how the Apple care works in the EU month’s ago and put this to rest, now this group is trying again and will also lose again.

        It’s a shame we see posters that are not educated in the true facts of the Services in the EU, and make ridiculous comments, but its page hits and an outlet for those that love to see a supposed comment that by the way they think as intelligent but fails to even make a dent in fact or understanding.

        Wonder if Apple could produce a cartoon to help those that don’t understand or think they understand yes educate, it may work since all to many are to simple to try and research a very easy to understand subject.

        Got that BlueMeanie71, educate yourself first.

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