Bruce Sewell, General Counsel of Apple, Named to Vail Resorts Board of Directors

Vail Resorts today announced the appointment of Bruce Sewell, senior vice president and general counsel of Apple Inc., to the Company’s Board of Directors effective immediately. Sewell will also serve on the audit committee of the board.

In his role at Apple, Sewell oversees all legal matters, including corporate governance, intellectual property, litigation and securities compliance, as well as government affairs. Before joining Apple, he was senior vice president and general counsel of Intel Corporation, where he managed the company’s legal, compliance and government affairs functions, as well as corporate philanthropy and the Intel Foundation. Prior to Intel, he was a partner in the law firm of Brown & Bain PC, specializing in intellectual property and antitrust cases.

Sewell is a lifelong skier. Between college and law school, he toured the country skiing in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, and worked as a professional ski patroller at Windham and Hunter Mountains in New York.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Bruce’s caliber and extensive experience join our board,” said Rob Katz, chairman and chief executive officer of the Vail Resorts, in the press release. “Bruce brings with him an incredible background in managing complex issues in companies growing around the globe with high levels of consumer passion and incredible track records of creativity and innovation.”

Other members of the Vail Resorts Board of Directors include: Chairman Robert A. Katz, chief executive officer of Vail Resorts; Lead Director Roland A. Hernandez, founding principal and chief executive officer of Hernandez Media Ventures; Richard D. Kincaid, president and founder of BeCause Foundation; John T. Redmond, former president and chief executive officer of MGM Grand Resorts; Hilary A. Schneider, president of Lifelock; and John F. Sorte, executive chairman of Morgan Joseph TriArtisan.

Source: Vail Resorts, Inc.


    1. Tough it is and don’t you forget it, either, Bob. Ed may know the trails, but now he’s in demand at every demesne.

      I hope he remembers to remain vigilant while trying to relax, lest he follow the 10 stunner back to “her chateau” only to be left alone with a billionaire in a bathrobe.
      Into the belly of the beast goeth Sewell… Whomever shall emerge will by some measure be a different man.

  1. … a trademark they already own (like apple did for iPad from Proview)?

    sewell compared to other apple execs pales:

    — he lost proview although apple bought the trademark from proview’s subsidiary in Taiwan.
    — he lost numerous patent cases. One he did WIN , the banning of Galaxy Tab in europe was ‘cured’ by Samsung by simply sticking a aluminium bezel around it. (Years of work solved by a bezel… )

    In UK Apple was forced to APOLOGIZE to Samsung in PRINT. Then when the first apology was not satisfactory the judge asked Apple to pay Samsung’s court costs…

    — He’s not effectively won ANY significant ban to ANY android product ANYWHERE in spite of ‘Thermonuclear War’ and Job’s “we’ve got over 200 patents” and trust us we are going defend them etc.
    — He’s not slowed down android anywhere.
    — Even winning the $Billion in U.S pales to the tens of billions Samsung has made infringing on apple patents. And by the way after spending hundreds of millions on court costs, lawyers etc. Apple hasn’t got a cent yet from samsung anywhere….

    If Jony Ive performed like Sewell Apple would have ONE nice looking iPhone out of 5 duds.
    an they fired Forstall for maps….

    1. Well, taking all this into consideration, one can hope Mr. Sewell takes his new responsibilities seriously and starts spending more time on the slo, er, in the Boardroom than the Courtroom.

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