Despite not attending since 1992, Apple Inc. dominates CES year after year

“For a company that hasn’t attended CES since 1992, Apple dominates the show,” Alexandra Chang reports for Wired.

“You can’t walk more than a dozen feet here at the Las Vegas Convention Center without seeing an iGadget or iAccessory of some kind,” Chang reports. “Apple’s overwhelming presence by proxy is impressive, and underscores the immense place the company occupies in the consumer electronics sector.”

Chang reports, “Spend five minutes walking the floor and it becomes clear there’s no need for Apple to be here. Hundreds of companies are only too happy to carry Cupertino’s banner.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Cupertino Colossus casts a long shadow, but we can clearly remember when Apple meant very little to most people or companies. May Apple never become complacent!

(A little birdie tells us that Apple is going to crush it this year – watch and see!)


    1. What about CeBit in Hannover? The only time I was there (in the mid-90’s) I had to man a booth for an outfit that did Fiber to the Home but the hours were horrible and I didn’t get any time to wander around the 15 or so buildings.

  1. I used to be an evangelist for Apple but in the last several years, they have driven a lot of doubt in me. I really hope they break every record this year and reverse some of their negative trends.

        1. Wrong. Guidosavage was exactly right, since “xil” did not “express his view.” Instead, he said some vague things and expressed a generalized doubt. Doubt about what? Apple’s ability to continue to exist? Apple treating customers well? What?
          He also mentioned “negative trends” – what did he mean? That is an nebulous statement perhaps intended to make other readers believe Apple is struggling in some way.
          In short, as Guidosavage said, either Xil has fallen prey to FUD or he is (perhaps unwittingly) trying to spread FUD. He did not make a clear expression of his actual views. Pointing that out isn’t patronizing, it’s a useful contribution that improves the information content of the discussion by pointing out the lack of information in Xil’s post and requesting clarification.

  2. It is all about Apple and yet what of Apple’s stock and it’s ever growing billions in the bank.

    Are the big boys not done buying AAPL shares yet? Time is almost up and the quarterly report is coming very soon!

  3. You can’t imagine how much I hope MDN’s last sentence in their take is correct. I have hope that Steve left at least one Easter Egg behind before he Teleported outa here.

    1. The Last Easter Egg

      The year is 2016. Brought out of their cottages at dawn by the throaty rumbling, Cupertino residents in their pajamas and fuzzy slippers stumble and stare upward, gaping, at something winking and sparking in the swirling clouds—something monstrously large and circular, rising into the indigo sky—something that had, until now, been disguised as architecture: Apple’s flagship campus, piloted by the faithful, laden with centuries of supplies, departing for a new planet far from a once-great, but now hopelessly degenerate shambles of a civilization.

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