CES 2013: Five technologies Apple users should watch

“CES 2013: Apple isn’t at the show, but there’s a selection of new solutions in discussion at or around the show that may get picked up by Cupertino’s I/O execs who have been seen prowling the exhibition floor,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

Five technologies Apple users should watch at CES 2013:
• Superfast wireless (802.11ac/ 5G Wi-Fi)
• Better touch (Touch On Display)
• Wireless charging
• Intel’s new “Haswell” chip family
• Biometric security

Evans writes, “Also worth watching: USB 3.0 enhancements [and] Flexible screen technology.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. USB3 enhancements: I hope it doesn’t take as long for them to implement them as it did USB3.
    Flexible screens: What are you going to do with it until there is a flexible battery? It would be cool to throw a piece of “paper” down on a conference table and have it be your iPad, except how would you poke and drag while holding it in mid-air?
    Everything else: I think they are already working on ’em.

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