Anobit CEO: ‘At Apple, ‘they’ really are after you’

“All high-tech companies profess their belief in noble ideals like worker advancement, teamwork, and ‘transparency’ – but on the ground, there can be major differences in culture,” David Shamah reports for ZDNet. “Take, for example, the differences between Intel and Apple, according to Ariel Maislos, former CEO of Israel’s Anobit: ‘They say that Intel is full of paranoids, but at Apple, ‘they’ really are after you.'”

“While he would never have discussed the company when he was still working there, Maislos is no longer an Apple employee, meaning that he is free to discuss the life at Apple, if not the technology he and the Anobit team were working on after the acquisition,” Shamah reports. “Maislos shared some of his experiences with a rapt Tel Aviv audience recently at an event sponsored by the Israel Semiconductor Club.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Quote from article: “At Apple, you have to run ahead just to stay in place, and there are very high expectations of everyone. Apple expects everything you do to be amazing.

    And that is why Apple products are simply amazing and work so well.

  2. Another quote from the article:
    On the eve of Steve Jobs’ return to the company as CEO in 1997, Apple was said to be barely three months from bankruptcy

    …Which of course has been proven to be total horse shit, spewed by those who weren’t paying attention at the time.

    …– and that experience still deeply affects the way Apple does business.

    No, not THAT specific experience, since it is mythological.

    But Apple’s Marketing-As-Management hell, started when Steve Sculley was hired by Steve Jobs as CEO, taught Apple exactly how a company ages and dies if the Marketing-As-Management disease is not excised and burned out of the corporate culture. That particular lesson is being learned by HUNDREDS of companies right now, out there in our self-destructive, demented ‘global economy’.

    Go entrepreneurial or die.

    Can you hear me Sony? Getting the clue Samsung? Taken off the blinders yet AIG, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citigroup, Morgan Chace, Goldman Sachs? And so forth.

    1. ” On the eve of Steve Jobs’ return to the company as CEO in 1997, Apple was said to be barely three months from bankruptcy

      …Which of course has been proven to be total horse shit, spewed by those who weren’t paying attention at the time. ”

      Was it really h-sht? I thought I had seen some stats that showed some poor financials, despite a good cash reserve at time?

      Don’t doubt it was hs, but please fill me in…

      1. That mythology really is t-shi.

        I’ll leave the world at large to do their homework. Just don’t ever believe a rumor or mythology at face value. Get the facts instead. And you won’t find ANY facts indicating that Apple was on any verge of going under in any way, shape or form. They don’t exist. That’s why the rumors/mythology never agree with one another and why NONE of the rumor/myth mongers EVER have any facts to back up their ‘Apple was gonna die!’ garbage.

        What was killing Apple was crap management, the inevitable effect of Marketing-As-Management. If you want to watch it happen right now, IRL, watch Sony. They’ve got the disease and it’s killing them. THAT is what Apple had until Steve Jobs returned and was voted in again as CEO by Apple’s board of directors.

        Question: But but but! Wasn’t Apple out of money?!?!?!

        Answer: No.

        1) Before the 1996 infamous $1 Billion in losses due to warehoused, unwanted, unsold Mac Performas, Apple had $4 Billion in liquid assets on hand.

        2) Fast forward through the catastrophe period to the point where Steve Jobs was voted in by the Apple board as CEO, Jobs had nailed Bill Gates to the wall for Microsoft admittedly stealing QuickTime code and here is where Apple was in 1997, after the worst of that era had ended.

        Quoting from:

        At the 1997 Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be entering into a partnership with Microsoft….

        The day before the announcement Apple had a market cap of $2.46 billion, and had ended its previous quarter with quarterly revenues of US $1.7 billion and cash reserves of US $1.2 billion, making the [Microsoft] US $150 million dollar amount of the investment largely symbolic. Apple CFO Fred Anderson stated that Apple would use the additional funds to invest in its core markets of education and creative content.

        Conclusion: Despite worthless management, Apple came out of the crisis with $1.2 Billion in liquid assets.

        What more is there to say? Go read the facts for yourselves please! And also ponder why people make up horse shit stories about Apple. They have an agenda.

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