Steve Jobs would have drowned somebody in the Pacific Ocean if this happened at Apple

“The geeks at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas worked themselves into a lather last night. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a “surprise cameo” appearance,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet. “To his credit: Ballmer, as is often the case, did come off like a rock star on a hallucinatory trip… Here’s what Ballmer said last night.”

We have seen the number of apps in our Windows Marketplace, available on Windows tablets, increase five-fold since October.

“If you have ever experienced the ‘Windows Marketplace,’ particularly if you have experience with Apple’s App Store, you know what I mean. It’s full of garbage. It’s akin to Netflix loading its library with cheesy knock-offs of Disney films,” Pendola writes. “Quantity means nothing. Quality and user experience. These types of things matter. So Ballmer said …

Soon, we will have the Twitter app and the Dropbox app and even the CNN app!

“These are all paraphrases, by the way, thus the italics and no quotes. But you dig. This is what he said. The Twitter app is coming to Windows!” Pendola writes. “Pardon my French, but talk about a half-ass embarrassing launch of software and hardware. Steve Jobs would have drowned somebody in the Pacific Ocean if this happened at Apple during his tenure.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shh! Mr. Ballmer just needs some time to work his magic!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” for the heads up.]


    1. Guys relax Balmer has a plan to save Microsoft. It’s in play, it’s all going to be better with windows Xperia oops sorry I meant windows vista, I mean windows 7, no no windows 8 that’s the ticket yeah that will be the one that saves Microsoft and it runs on our own tablet called surface you can buy one real cheap now too.
      Their tablet is shit with a kickstand sorry to insult shit guys

      1. I had a short chance to play with a Surface a month ago.

        Actually, as much as I wanted to hate it, it had a real solid feel to it. It was a bit bulky, sort of like a new macbook pro, so it was big for a tablet. The “leg” seemed solid too but I started wondering if you bent it some how, its not coming off easy. 🙁

        Any way, as I was leaving the store, I was left with one thought, solid feel but when I played with Windows RT, I was so lost. Swipe and wipe and poke and only about 1/4 of the time could I make it do what I wanted. It was like it multiple personality disorder. Just so confusing.

        I think I will stay with my MBP and Fusion/Windows 7 (for those windows only programs I am stuck with due to Lion)

        Just a thought,

        1. Here here! My 19 Y.O. son wanted a Surface for XMas and he loves it. He used an iPad 2 prior to this. I too needed to get used to the gesturing but I will say that it is very well put together but as with Apple products not bullet proof as I can buy just about any Apple product out of their refurb bin. 🙂 and no doubt refurb Surfaces will be available as well. I use an iPad 4 and love the retina much more than I do the Surface display but I will say that the Surface will no doubt hold its own as an iPad alternative for the 1.3 billion folks who are already MSFT users.

          1. Last time I checked more Windows users were using iPods, iPads and probably iPhones. I think many Windows users are wary of ever trusting Ballmer & Microsoft again and are going the Apple and Android route instead.

            1. 1b of those 1.3b don’t really care if its windows or Mac. (Ok, ok, I can’t really know this). The simply want a computer that works…and they don’t know better..are scared to change.

              One people get a clue and they realize that office student edition does everything they need and is compatible with my work PC, and corporation “officially support” a Mac laptop in the office… The rest will e history

  1. Yippeee! Hold on everybody, on tight to your M$ products, don’t let go, don’t look at anything else, don’t even consider switching, because soon, very soon, we will have these apps!

    Par for the course MOO

  2. so according to monkey boy ballmer, all the developers who made the junk apps in the apple app store are not worth his high microsoft standards. what a dillusional moron

  3. Lighten up! Balmer had a better speech in development. However, there was a campus burglary and all the iPads were stolen. They tried to recover the speech from the Surface but it kept rebooting. They wanted to get the speech on HPs 27 inch Envy, but the cord wasn’t long enough and battery life sucked.

  4. The real issues for Twitter & Dropbox developers is dumbing down their software to the point where they have to chuck out every single normal intuitive UI idea and come up with a redesign that gets users struggling to wonder how on earth the bloody thing works. Just think – no window, no menu bar, where to start? To charm or not to charm? All the usual structure is missing! Must be a nightmare.

    It’s a real challenge having to learn how to confuse the crap out of users so that it fits in with the really bare minimalism horror show that is W8.

    Just think – W8 developers have somehow got to get inside Ballmers’ head, see the thing through HIS eyes, get into HIS mind (shouldn’t take long) stare into the abyss and come up with software that totally defies logic and wins stars from Microsoft for utterly baffling users.
    To do all this without going nuts must be really hard work. Its a steep learning curve but with patience it’ll happen, it really will!

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