Beleaguered HTC profit plunges 91%

“Taiwanese smartphone company HTC Corp’s net profit in the fourth quarter of 2012 missed forecasts and plunged 91 percent year-on-year as its models continued to be outsold by Apple Inc’s iPhone and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Galaxy range,” Clare Jim reports for Reuters.

“Unaudited October-December net profit was T$1 billion ($34.48 million), the world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker said on Monday, down from T$11.02 billion in the same period a year earlier and T$3.9 billion in the previous quarter,” Jim reports. “Analysts said 2013 may not be a turnaround year for HTC as its marketing and brand image lag far behind Apple and Samsung.”

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  1. Isn’t HTC and android maker? Didn’t Eric Schimit said that android already won? Why do I still hear about companies drooping from android and the rest losing money on it? what was Eric T mole talking about? can he explain to HTC?

  2. . .. so wait for Google to put the screws on Samsung by limiting Android early access to Motorola to protect it.

    I bet this is Google’s view: First Class Android products from Motorola and second , third class to the rest.
    No way Motorola can compete with Samsung on even ground.
    Making only 550 million from android since inception 2008 (from Oracle trial info) google has to figure out how to make back the 12500 million it paid for Moto.

    that’s why Samsung is working on own OS Tizen.

    expect Android to have further troubles as Google moves to protect itself.

    1. PS: note that Google has already a ‘tiered system’ for Android. First class OEMs like HTC, Samsung currently have better early access to android builds and support from Google than for example small ‘android’ phone makers in China who load Bidu on their phones .

      as Google increases it’s Caste system to protect Motorola (investors will never stomach it’s failure) expect like I said Samsung to be hurt.

  3. People on this site, more than anywhere else, don’t get it that there is this massive percentage of the population who don’t have any in-built loyalty to either Apple or Samsung/Android.

    As a gauge, if I recall the discussions with my circle of friends in these last few months, I’d say it was the Samsung/Android friends who are going out of their way to champion how much they liked the Android, and how they switched away from Apple. In the same period, I can’t recall my non-techie, non-aligned friends make the same pitch for Apple.

    This is just anecdotes from my circle of friends.

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