Apple broke its own education market sales records in 2012

“In 2012, Apple broke its own sales records in the education market,” Ellis Booker reports for InformationWeek. “In the third quarter, not only were Mac sales to education at an all-time high, twice as many iPads as Macs were purchased. (It was the second consecutive quarter in which this happened.)”

“Specifically regarding iPad sales in the U.S. education market, Apple said its third quarter saw nearly a doubling year over year, to just under one million units,” Booker reports. “Apple is riding (some would say, driving) the tablet-adoption wave. Use of tablets and smartphones by K-12 students has hit 50%, according to an analysis released in October at the Wireless EdTECH conference by Blackboard and Project Tomorrow. The report, ‘Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile!’ found 50% of high schoolers and 40% of middle schoolers use smartphones or tablets on a regular basis.”

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  1. We are still probably 2 – 3 years away until enough quality educational material is available before we see a true iPad tidal wave as the device of choice in the education market.

  2. And still, the local IT doofuses at my community college still classify Apple gear as “non-standard.” Max Planck remarked that science only advances one funeral at a time. History may not repeat, but it sorta rhymes.

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