New Mac Pro release date, rumors and images

“Welcome to our New Mac Pro release date, rumours and leaked images article, here we plan to do everything that the title suggests,” Karen Haslam reports for Macworld UK.

“We are going to bring you everything we know about the new Mac Pro release date so you can know exactly when the new Mac Pro is coming out,” Haslam reports. “Also we are going to bring you a few of the juiciest spec rumours that are flying round the web’s most trusted Mac websites too. Finally we have new Mac Pro leaked images that we’d like to show you.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Those “leaked images” are really just artists’ conceptions, not actual leaks. The rest of the article contains better information than the images.


    1. True.

      Back in June I guessed it would be a smaller box.

      “… believe that rather than create something that is just the opposite of their direction everywhere else, Apple will stick with their new modus operandi. A new Mac Pro will be a box, but a much, much smaller one. It will come in configurations of 32, 64, or 128GB of RAM. That RAM will be soldered to the system board. It will have an option of one, maybe two internal SSD drives for a little over 1.5 Terabytes of internal storage. No SATA. It will have the most current graphics card available. The graphics card on the new iMac is already better than anything in the existing MacPro line. It will have the fastest multicore Intel Xeon processors available. It will also have lots of ThunderBolt ports probably 4 and at least one FireWire 800, one Gigabit Ethernet Port. There won’t be any PCI slots internal to the machine, the clear message being Thunderbolt, ThunderBolt, Thunderbolt.

      I expect this all to fit in something the size of an XBOX 360. Or better year, I like it to be in a glistening black cube, with a hologram of Steve Jobs on the side….”

      1. The graphics cards on iMacs are consumer grade toys. There are plenty of Pro graphics cards that cost as much as the Mac Pro that will easily destroy the crap in an iMac.

  1. With Apple using SSD drives only for these future machines, this will allow for smaller cases because they will generate much less heat, use less power therefore the power supply should be smaller also generating less heat as well. There should be fewer of those exhaust fans. And God knows which CPU Apple is planning in putting in there. The only hungry/hot hippo in these new PMacs would the graphic card.

    1. Well us Mac Pro users don’t give a flying f**k about non-Mac Pro users either and their vicious ambivalence about anything they don’t want. So you don’t want one but would obviously like to deny others who do? Why do you even bother posting such hurtful denial drivel? Just to show how incredibly insensitive and selfish you are? Is your stance in life anything BLN doesn’t want everyone else shouldn’t want either?

      Thank God we don’t live in a world like that where choices are dictated by one fool. It seems like every conversation about a new Mac Pro includes the clueless who say they don’t need one and “who cares.” Professionals who provide edited films, visual effects, video, music & graphics that you might enjoy certainly do. Think about that next time you watch a movie or TV show or listen to some music.

      1. Don’t listen to those people, peterblood71. There are a lot of Mac users who believe that Apple needs to maintain a cutting edge pro machine, regardless of the volume sold or its profitability. It is a matter of pride as well as an important driver to Mac computer design innovation. Pro users are a very important part of the Mac world, and I don’t want to see them using Windows workstations.

    2. I’m happy to be in the .0000001% that gives a f*** about the Mac Pro.

      I’m Looking forward to replacing mine with an updated version, especially since my current 2009 model is going for about $2,000 on the used market, which is really strange since apparently 99.9999999% of the population of America don’t give a f***.

      The Mac Pro is the choice of every really serious photographic professional I know, even though there are other solutions that work well for many.

      Perhaps in the future things will be different. In fact, based on my past experiences, I’m sure they will be.

      1. I have an eight-core 2008 Mac Pro, and my co-worker is running a 2007 quad core MP. We’re looking forward to what  has up its sleeves, Mac Pro-wise, this year.

      2. Agreed,
        I am also included I’m that category of users that use a Mac Pro.

        I have seen this type of response a few times from Non~Pro users and the question that allways presents itself follows the same approach and it goes something like this.

        Why, all to often that individuals that don’t understand or even have facts to back up what they say are all to vocal on issues that don’t concern them directly, the reproach used is old has no relevance on product worthiness or usefulness and adds nothing to the meaningfulness of such products.

    3. A lot of us make our living with Macs. We will be buying them as fast as we can. It’s time to refresh the old stock. I’ll take four right now. And do the rest later. Some of us do more than play on computers Nutless.

  2. What they ship will determine if it is time for a Hackintosh. My Quad Core is ready to be relegated to a home server.

    Please no foo-foo Ives fantasy.

    1. Yeah, that abortion looks like something Steve Ballmer would design …. looking forward to seeing what the new machine looks like, and what’s in it in a few days.

  3. The whole point of the MacPro is that you can upgrade and expand them, so IMO it would have to have PCI_E slots. If they drop FW800, for example, you could put in a FW card and still have access to your older peripherals, like optical drives or external storage.

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