China Mobile starting to show need for Apple iPhone deal

“According to Evercore Partners analyst Rob Cihra, China Mobile’s traction in the 3G market is slipping, and that may well be due to the fact that it still doesn’t offer the iPhone,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD. “‘We think China Mobile could be starting to ‘need’ the iPhone more, since it has seen its 3G market share erode by -7 percent to 37 percent since 2011 vs. China Telecom+Unicom having gained +7 percent to 63 percent,’ Cihra said. ‘China Unicom alone has added nearly 2 million more 3G subs than China Mobile year-to-date despite being almost 1/3 the size, and overall share losses look to correlate with introduction of the iPhone in Mainland China.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. English is an exact language; a negative coupled with a negative yields a positive.

      “Fortunately”, our increasingly nonfunctional education systems have yielded a “positive”… most individuals won’t/can’t understand your valid point but will “understand” the authors comment.

  1. All three major mobile companies in China are owned/controlled by Chinese Communist Party, any gain or erosion in market share by any one of them is irrelevant.

    my 2 cents…

    1. Whereas, all companies in the U.S. are, at a minimum 35%, owned by the American government.

      For that matter, all individuals are owned, according to thier taxes or entitlements, by the government.

      We used to be a free country.

      1. “Whereas, all companies in the U.S. are, at a minimum 35%, owned by the American government.”

        That’s a rather sweeping bit of conjecture. Got any facts to back that up?

  2. Apple needs China Mobile badly. Apparently the reverse is not true. It would really boost Apple sales, revenue and stock-price obviously. It just concerns me a little bit that the company will become so dependent upon a communist controlled buying public. Just saying.

    1. In any market where people have a choice between an Apple iOS device and a Google Android (or now Microsoft’s new crap), Apple dominates that market by two thirds or more.

      Also, Google and the government of China are not doing so well. Note: Google Inc’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, is traveling to North Korea this year. (China and North Korea are allies.) Google wants to get their me-too Android crap back in China.


  3. Will Westerners EVER learn? The East has no sense of time (or, let’s say, a VERY different sense of time). I have been in meetings in the East where everyone is sitting around the table for 20 minutes in complete silence and then suddenly the meeting will begin. China Mobile can take its time because they have no sense of time. This is “Culture Shock” in spades and the real reason it’s taken them so “long” to cut a deal with Apple…

    1. bang on! China Mobile will happily wait 10-20 years or longer to get the iPhone on THEIR terms. They have over 600 million subscribers. They can EASILY out wait Apple.

      1. CM has hundreds of millions of subscribers now. How many CM will have in five, ten, or twenty years remains to be seen. Verizon tried to wait out the iPhone. If it wasn’t for the stolen Android platform, it would have done a lot more than just sucker punched them to the ground, gasping for iOS.

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