Kentucky woman jailed after repeatedly trying to purchase Apple iPads with food stamps

“Tracy Browning, a 38-year-old Louisville woman, was jailed after she allegedly tried to purchase several iPads with a food stamp card, then fled to another location where she tried to make the same transaction,” Danny Vice reports for The Weekly Vice.

“According to Louisville police, Browning went to the Valley Station Walmart and tried to purchase two iPads with an Electronic Benefit Transfer card,” Vice reports. “When the transaction was denied, she assaulted a store clerk, pushed another employee to the ground and fled from the store with the merchandise.”

Read more in the full article here.

WHAS11 (Louisville) reports, “Browning was arrested a short time later at the Walmart on the Greenbelt Highway, where police said she was trying to buy more iPad’s with her card.”

More info and direct link to video here.

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    1. I only feel deep pity for these people and terrible sadness for what this country has degenerated into.

      Maybe someday the U.S.A. will somehow rediscover what made it great in the first place: Self-reliance, American exceptionalism, adherence to Judeo-Christian values, disdain of big government and politicians, abhorrence of the able-bodied accepting handouts, protected broders, controlled legal immigration, championing limited government, freedom, privacy, respect for the Constitution, unmatched military strength, individual liberty, strong families, the Puritan work ethic…

      Seems like a tall order to regain all that we’ve lost since the late 1960s.

      Waiting hopefully for the next Reagan.

          1. Look who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism!

            The US seems pretty great to me, especially relative to the 1960s. There is now less discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and sexual preference, which is not something the majority of Americans want to change back to “the good ol’ days”. Americans have longer life expectancies, infant mortality is down, and the average American is wealthier. Of course, the policies of the Bush administration sought to, and achieved, increasing the amount of poor people in the country while lining the pockets of the very very rich. More Americans have college educations. Divorce rates are higher, but that simply means Americans no longer feel compelled to stay in miserable marriages.

            You think the US military isn’t “unmatched” in it’s strength?!?! We spend less by % of GDP, but it’s universally recognized that US military might is significantly more than any other country.

      1. Beautiful perspective: let what you “have” be more important than what you “are”. Making people believe their value depends on their richness.
        I guess you would have preferred to have an armed security guard shouting her down. All these poor people, in such a beautiful country, are just disgusting! Let’s eliminate them to protect our pride!

        1. Wha?

          How does wishing for people to return to traditional American values like self-reliance and hard work lead you to your “conclusion?”

          The Dem/Lib/Prog “thought process” may well be our biggest problem.

      2. American exceptionalism is a jingoistic promulgation on a nation of dupes like you. Nothing makes Aerica special, hasn’t since we decided to be like every emptier that came before us. American Exceptionalism = Brute Force and hawkish, war-machine mongers. Fsck you.

      3. You make it sound like they did, however, while some did, not all those “things” that made America great occurred concurrently.

        Protected broders, controlled legal immigration and unmatched military strength are built upon big government, less freedom and reduced individual liberty.

        You espouse “Individual Liberty” yet “adherence to Judeo-Christian values” and a Puritan work ethic

        I’m confused … Oh wait, it’s not me it’s YOU.


        May I introduce you to “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville.
        Published 1835/1840


      4. You’re aware that the place you just described exists only in your mind, don’t you? The “self-reliance” you refer to as never existed, because no one is able to get anywhere without help from others.

        This “disdain” of big government you speak of has existed at various times in this country, but is by no means a universal value. In other words, people that have had to rely on government for protection don’t tend to have as much of a problem as people who assume that by helping someone else that they are somehow being cheated out of something.

        I am not even sure what you mean by “able-bodied accepting handouts” because you can’t always tell how ‘able’ a person is just by looking at them.

        That being said, of course, if a person is able to work, they should. That being said, what you seem to be doing is blaming people that are worse off, for issues that have very little to do with them.

        I could go on and on, though you should understand that the United States you speak of doesn’t exist, if it ever did.

      5. The politician who said Trident missiles could be recalled once launched? Ketchup is a vegetable? Who gave missiles to Ayatollah Khomeini and used drug profits to arm terrorists in Central America? No thanks. I’m not a Democrat either but Reagan was a disaster.

        I recommend “Bedtime for Bonzo.”

        1. Best statistic to debate the “great conservative” Reagan:

          Started with 900 Billion dollar debt, grew it to over 2.85 TRILLION.

          Best fact to debate the “great leader” Reagan:

          He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s while still in office.

          I don’t know that I have ever seen a more overhyped president, his celebrity doesn’t live up to reality.

      6. Did you ever stop think that the times you refer to are exactly what’s driven us to where we are now – both the good and the bad? The Constitution was created to enable an adaptable government for an adaptable people over a long period if time. Another way of saying the same thing – the Constitution not only enables change over time, it requires it. GBA. And thank God things are not like they used to be.

  1. Elections have consequences.

    Under Obama, The Food Stamp President, Food Stamp Growth Thus Far Has Been 75 Times Greater Than Job Creation

    Since January 2009, as the chart shows, a net of 194,000 new jobs have been created. During that same time, 14.7 million have been added to the food stamp rolls. In January 2009, there were 133.56 million Americans with jobs and 31.98 million on food stamps. Today, there are 133.76 million Americans with jobs and 46.68 million on food stamps. The employment rolls have thus grown by 0.15 percent and the food stamp rolls have grown by 46 percent, meaning that for every one American who found a job, 75 Americans signed up for food stamps.

    “America” gets what it deserves. Let it Burn!

      1. So you’re saying Bush inherited 9/11 from the Democratic politicians who circled the wagons around the irresponsible lying cad Bill Clinton as he got his knob polished by an intern in the White House, while Usama and pals plotted away at the deaths of 3000… IS that how it works?

        And regarding “no matter who it is, the result would have been the same.” is a little presumptuous… After all, Reagan done it once before with his economic philosophy and policies. He would have done it again. The only thing Obama proved is that his economic policies failed to achieve the desired results. OF course there are those of us out here who knew that outcome from the start!

      2. If you really believe that, you’re too far gone with which to bother, but:

        1. Don’t meddle in private businesses. Let insolvent ones go into bankruptcy so they can emerge competitive.
        2. No “stimulus” (pork rewarding backers).
        3. Lower taxes to encourage investment and risk taking.
        4. Shrink government spending, not outspend all other presidents combined.
        5. Don’t meddle in private businesses. Increase competition to drive down health care costs, don’t create another massive insolvent entitlement that will never work well or be paid for.
        6. Don’t encourage class warfare and envy. Unite, don’t divide.

        There are many more things a good U.S. President could have done differently.

        And, finally, Clinton and his minions set up this scenario back in the 1990s. G.W. Bush is remiss for not correcting, although he probably refrained in order to not be branded a “racist” by the leftist U.S. media.

        Rewind to 1994. That year, the federal government declared war on an enemy — the racist lender — who officials claimed was to blame for differences in homeownership rate, and launched what would prove the costliest social crusade in U.S. history.

        At President Clinton’s direction, no fewer than 10 federal agencies issued a chilling ultimatum to banks and mortgage lenders to ease credit for lower-income minorities or face investigations for lending discrimination and suffer the related adverse publicity. They also were threatened with denial of access to the all-important secondary mortgage market and stiff fines, along with other penalties.

        Clinton’s task force survived the Bush administration, during which it produced fair-lending brochures in Spanish for immigrant home-loan applicants.

        And it’s still alive today. Obama is building on the fair-lending infrastructure Clinton put in place.

        As IBD first reported in July, Attorney General Eric Holder has launched a witch hunt vs. “racist” banks.

        “It’s a more aggressive fair-lending enforcement approach now,” said Washington lawyer Andrew Sandler of Buckley Sandler LLP in a recent interview. “It is well beyond anything we saw during the Clinton administration.”


        1. The best part:

          Wall Street didn’t cause the mess we’re in now. Bill Clinton did. And his racist lending policies. To correct for a racism in mortgage lending that wasn’t there. By qualifying the unqualified. And putting them into houses they couldn’t afford. Which the Obama administration appears to be doubling down on.

          Boy. I’d hate to be in our shoes.

          1. Still the same old FUD. I knew that you couldn’t be trusted, F. And the anonymous FUDsters are even worse.

            This 1994 lending misinformation has already been corrected multiple times on this forum. If you want the truth, then go read it yourself, like I did. Because you won’t get the truth from F and friends.

        2. “1. Don’t meddle in private businesses. Let insolvent ones go into bankruptcy so they can emerge competitive.

          Sorry but we’re not going back to the 18th century. The days of slavery, selling spoiled products that make people sick or worse, having people work for pennies, profit at all cost especially human suffering.

          “2. No “stimulus” (pork rewarding backers).”

          So Obama never inherited 8% unemployment and raising up to 10%?

          “3. Lower taxes to encourage investment and risk taking.”

          Risk taking is what the banks did to feed their greed and tanked the US economy.

          “4. Shrink government spending, not outspend all other presidents combined.”

          What did Obama spend on those 6 trillion dollars? We have an income problem (cutting taxes). Bush left Obama 1.4 trillion deficit (revolving debt) every year. Plus the trillion dollar wars.

          “5. Don’t meddle in private businesses. Increase competition to drive down health care costs, don’t create another massive insolvent entitlement that will never work well or be paid for.”

          Medicare was created in the mid 1960’s. Before that and up until Obamacare was into law, the private sector had done nothing other than to line their own pockets allowing many to including children to suffer.

          “6. Don’t encourage class warfare and envy. Unite, don’t divide.”

          Yea, don’t point out to people that the wealthy pay far less in taxes than their workers.

          1. 1. Clearly seems to refer to GM, the former General Motors, now Government Motors. See Chevy Volt for how well the government competes with the provate sector.

            2. Your reply is nonsensical. That “stimulus” money could have been applied to the national debt.

            3. No. The Clinton administration forced that lending under the threat of branding banks “racists.”

            4. Obama spent those dollars on boondoggles like Solyndra and to pad the bank accounts of his campaign supporters, of course.

            5. The private sector absorbed millions upon millions of visits to emergency rooms nationwide for years. What was needed was health care competition and plan portability between states. Another massive government takeover was the last thing this country needed. It’ll never be properly funded and people will die as a direct result of Obamacare.

            6. Top 10% of U.S. earners paid 71% of U.S. federal income taxes. In 2011, according to the Tax Policy Center, about 46% of households didn’t pay any U.S. income taxes.

            Source: U.S. Internal Revenue Service

            1. “1. Clearly seems to refer to GM, the former General Motors, now Government Motors. See Chevy Volt for how well the government competes with the provate sector.”

              Clearly denial. In case you missed it GM and Chrysler went to the Bush admin says give us money or we go into liquidation which in turn will cause many of our parts suppliers to follow suit, as well as all of our auto dealers. Then Ford will follow into liquidation within the year. Today all are thriving thanks to President Obama. Only a republican would call that a failure.

              “2. Your reply is nonsensical. That “stimulus” money could have been applied to the national debt.”

              More denial. Which part is untrue? Obama not inheriting 8% and raising unemployment? Unemployment never reaching 10%? Or Bush never existing?

              “3. No. The Clinton administration forced that lending under the threat of branding banks “racists.””

              Maybe that works for republicans, repeating something over and over until they convince themselves. However in the real world there are facts and laws. Please state the law that states as you say that the gov forced banks to give home loans to anyone without any checking as to whether they could afford it or not.

              “4. Obama spent those dollars on boondoggles like Solyndra and to pad the bank accounts of his campaign supporters, of course.”

              Not trillions worth, way, way, way, way off. That’s the only example, Solyndra republicans have used for years. Yea, no one or system is perfect. That 1 billion dollars on Solyndra was equal in cost to about 3 days of the Iraq war.

              5. Hospitals are by law required to treat anyone in the emergency room, the single most expensive health care cost. The private sector, the insurance companies have done nothing to drive down cost of health care part of which is caused by people using emergency rooms because they have no other options. They have only helped themselves while cancelling policies for those with long term illnesses.

              “6. Top 10% of U.S. earners paid 71% of U.S. federal income taxes. In 2011, according to the Tax Policy Center, about 46% of households didn’t pay any U.S. income taxes.”

              Go ask people like Romney why he makes $20-25 million dollars a years and only pays 14% in taxes. By the way Romney only showed us 2 years of taxes.

              Those 47% of the population that don’t pay federal income tax (they pay it, it’s just returned to them at the end of the year) are the poor, the elderly and students. In case you don’t know what poor is, the majority of those 47% make up to 30K a year. That’s 2 people making min wage raising a family. The balance are those households making 35K-40K a year, that’s $18K-20K each while trying to raise a family.

            2. Does not mater if they are poor, elderly or students. Fact is they get their taxes back and therefore do not pay taxes.Sorry the 47% are not ALL raising families. Some yes all, no.

    1. Why? “EBT” already stands for “Electronic Benefit Transfer.” I think getting an iPad “for free” at taxpayer expense qualifies as an “electronic benefit.”

            1. That must tax you capacity to the max to be able to come out with a thoughtful intellectual statement like that. All the best to you in this new year. I hope you reach your goals what ever they may be.

            2. Sorry, I am not British. There are many places in the world that use the proper spelling. I hope you can finish your education and learn about your neighbour state or even the rest of the world.

  2. John, Really? A little too soon for the BM comment.

    Now on to my comment…

    “Mommy, Mommy, I don’t want Milk, no I don’t want eggs or butter, I want an iPad”, the kid begs…

  3. Everyone especially the neo-cons, neo-Christians have failed to see the point that the woman was arrested for assault and stealing merchandise. The system prevented her from using the food benefits card for none food items as it is intended to work.

    Keep damning the poor and elderly and propping up the wealthy according to your neo-Judeo-Christian corrupted beliefs that allowed human slavery and treating those former slaves as sub-humans in not allowing them to vote well into the 20th century.

      1. “She was booked into the Louisville Metro Jail and charged with robbery, shoplifting and trespassing.”

        So she wasn’t charged with trying to buy iPads with food stamps. The transaction was simply denied.

          1. Yet still misleading. Yes, she tried to purchase an iPad. Yes, she got arrested later. In other words, the arrest took place AFTER the iPad purchase attempt. The two were NOT connected, however, while the headline implies that they were. An intervening event caused the arrest: the actual robbery, shoplifting and trespassing, neither of which the headline mentions.

            The headline could have easily stated: “The women jailed after having her breakfast at Denny’s and paying for it”. It would have still been a fact (assuming for the moment that the woman did in fact have breakfast at Denny’s and paid for it), but it would have been just as misleading, implying that the police arrested her just because she had her breakfast and paid for it.

            There is difference between misleading and not truthful is significant. Facts can very easily be presented in a misleading way (and this headline is a prime example).

            Nobody would have arrested her for trying to buy iPads with EBT cards. That is not an offense in any jurisdiction I know of.

            1. Typical MDN link bait trolling, looking for the partisans to out shout each other and drive ad-revenue.

              You are correct, it was misleading.

              Of course the headline didn’t say: Woman FAILED REPEATEDLY while trying to purchase an iPad with her food stamps.

              Why? because it doesn’t fit the predefined party narrative that MDN subscribes too. Really, that part of the story would be news only if she were successful, which she wasn’t, because there are controls in place to prevent it. This type of fraud isn’t as wide spread as some would have people believe.

  4. I hear dem iPads are finger-lickin’ good. Throw some meat, lettuce and tomatoes between two iPad Minis and you got yerself a tasty samawich. No mayo, ‘ cause I’m watching my weight.

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