Analyst: Apple on the cusp of enormous product upgrade cycle (with video)

“2013 will be a very important and eventful one in the land of Apple as the company is expected to move from an annual product upgrade cycle to a six-monthly one, giving Apple’s stock a big boost, market experts told CNBC on Monday,” Wall Street Pit reports. “‘We’re on the cusp of an enormous product upgrade cycle and we think Apple’s earnings are going to be dynamite in the 4th quarter,’ said Channing Smith, co-manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund, on CNBC’s ‘Squawk on the Street.’ Smith said he expects Apple’s stock to grow 20% over the next few years and retest its all time highs of $705.07, achieved just ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 launch in September, 2012.”

WSP reports, “Meanwhile, Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital LLC, said besides speeding up the product upgrade cycle for the iPhone series to a six month cycle instead of a 12 month cycle, Apple is expected to introduce some new products in FY 2013, including the much-anticipated ‘iTV’ slated for November, and possibly even an iCar system, which would control navigation and entertainment in automobiles.”

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    1. They already picked up the next iOS 7 test surfing and believe it to be on the next iPhone. Apple may surprise them and turn the iPad mini into a cell phone / car navigation system. Can’t be the device in the dashboard without the cell phone feature in it. I already read about SIRI interface in next year’s cars. I believe it was the GM cars. But it maybe others too.

  1. Well there ya go. If analysts have positive news or views everybody bitches. If analysts have negative news or views everybody bitches. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Let’s face it, people on this site know more than analysts about Apple. And why not? Analyst simply spend all their time researching Apple. It’s what they do for a living. MDN readers on the other hand, have firsthand knowledge and inside information about everything Apple is going to do. Those silly analysts.

    1. I guess you weren’t around between 1999-2008 when these idiots were calling for the death of Apple. How they would remain a niche player. How they could never take down the likes of Dell. How the iPod would fail. How the iPhone would fail. How they would write stupid “articles” pushing down the stock price even when Apple had stellar quarter over quarter.

      Come 2013 they are all praising themselves with the foresight to see what others never saw.

      If you were on MDN long enough, we all witnessed this BS.

      Guess you weren’t.

      1. Been using Macs probably longer than you’ve been alive Skippy. Long,long before there was a MDN. I make my living with Macs. So don’t preach to me you fucking asswipe. You’re like most fanboys, you bitch no matter what the analysts say. Because you always know best. Right? Okay genius, what will the price of AAPL be February 1? C’mon, you know everything. You know more than analysts. Put up or shut the fuck up. What’s the share price February1? And no genius, I don’t know because I don’t think I know more than analysts and I don’t hide behind “conspiracy statements”.

        1. You were using Macs longer then I was alive. Sure. Whatever. Congratulations.

          After getting a beige G3, having never owned my own computer before, I threw in cash into AAPL in 2000. Still do. My friends laughed. I lived though all the ups and downs of this stock, pal. Had my faith tested with every analysts’ bullshit article coming out even though Apple had year-after-year growth. Believe me when I say to you that I learned more about investing in Apple from MDN, then from any analyst. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and go through MDN’s archives and read all the op/eds and analyses of people who did not understand what Apple was about and wrote negative articles ad nauseam.

          1. And why don’t you go through and read about all the analysts who were correct in their predictions. Sometimes positive sometimes negative. But nonetheless correct. As I stated before, you’re simply a fanboy who is only happy when someone is gushing over Apple. That’s childish. Apple doesn’t need you to defend them. Nor should you. They’re just a company making things. And they couldn’t care less what you think about them. I should know, I have been living with their ups and downs for decades. And as for your first Mac was a G3? You’re just a newbie. Yes, I’ve been using Macs longer than you but alive.

            1. Dude, who cares how long you’ve been using Macs? I don’t. It certainly isn’t a measurement of anything related to the accuracy of analysts when it comes to the topic of Apple. Did you put in money in AAPL when they had lost a billion in revenue and were banking te future of the company on a blue all in one desktop? No? Then STFU.

              And NONE of those analysts were correcting in predicting any negative future events of the company such as a) how long they could keep up their growth b) the successes of innovative new products. None. The ratio of negative / positive accurate predictions was about 80/20. You simply haven’t had to wade through the made up facts, ignorance, that made up the majority of analysts’ “articles” for the past decade. I have. So forgive me if I think another analyst is full of shit. In my experience, when it comes to Apple, they have been. I betted against their advice and won.

    2. GM you nailed it. And thus you will get hammered for it. How dare you say bad things about the posters here. Just so you know, everyone of us have advanced degrees in finance, engineering, cartography, physics, chemistry. Most of us are smarter than Jobs. Way smarter than Cook. We all hate everything and everyone. Every design, every app, all things are beneath us. God should be so bright. So lay off buddy.

      1. Exactly, Joe. You forget to mention we all have law degrees, penetrating political acumen, and only hang out here at MDN because Mensa is a bore, Facebook and Twitter are for kiddies, and the fashionistas at the Tropicana won’t talk to us after three mai tais.

  2. So, Smith said he expects Apple’s stock to grow 20% over the next few years and retest its all time highs of $705.07.”

    Really going out on a limb there, eh, Agent Smith? Maybe he meant “in the next few MONTHS…”

  3. Apple moving to a 6-month product upgrade cycle is, at best, IDOTIC. The WORLD can’t absorb Apple’s products (or others) in a 6-month window, nor can Apple (or anyone else) produce new products in a 6-month window. Consumers, both individual or business, look at our current cycle of new technology product delivery as cramming. They will NOT PARTICIPATE.

    1. Check back in a year and let’s see what happened.

      I think it was Sculley who mentioned this possibility. Horace also discussed this topic. The upside for Apple is to smooth out the production cycle. Instead of having things slow down at the end of the cycle then turn into a furious round-the-clock race to build product when a new device is introduced if they introduce something twice a year then it will be easier on the factories and workers. It also gives Apple an advantage as their product is always fresh and makes it harder for the competition to schedule their introductions just after Apple’s.

      We don’t know how Apple would manage the marketing side. Maybe this is why the iPad is not numbered. There is no iPad II or iPad 2012. It’s just the iPad. Presumably Apple knows a lot about what motivates buyers and what makes them nervous. If they go down this path they’ll find a way to engineer it to work.

  4. Wow you guys are really elevating this discussion
    For the record investor since 1995 user since 1994 and analysts aside , any time I lost faith and panicked out of my positions because of the annual bear raids I have lost my shorts and spent many unhappy hours kicking myself in the ass .
    I’m holding on and trusting apple to do what it always does go up . Keep your eyes on the cash pile and ignore the chatter

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