U.S. ITC judge: Samsung should post massive bond ahead of US sales ban

“Samsung products found to infringe on certain Apple patents may be subject to a sales ban if the U.S. International Trade Commission affirms and adopts an initial determination filed by one of its administrative law judges, who also recommended the Korean company post a huge bond worth 88 percent of its U.S. smartphone sales,” AppleInsider reports.

“Judge Thomas Pender’s recommended determination on remedy and bond could lead to hefty sanctions for the Galaxy maker if the six-member Commission agrees with his findings and adopts the suggested solution,” AppleInsider reports. “The recommendations are a continuation of a preliminary ruling handed down by Judge Pender in October which found Samsung to infringe on four Apple design utility patents.” [Stuck the word “utility” to eliminate confusion between design and “utility” or SEP patents. – MDN Ed.]

AppleInsider reports, “Samsung was originally pushing for a 4.9 percent royalty rate baed on ‘price differential analysis,’ but the ALJ suggested a requirement of 88 percent of the value of all mobile phones, 37.6 percent of all tablet computers and 32.5 percent of all media players found to infringe on Apple’s patents.”

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