iOS app community Hackulous abruptly shuts down, taking Installous app with it

“Hackulous, the community and website behind the popular app Installous, has been shut down,” Ben Kersey reports for The Verge.

“In a statement on the Hackulous website, the team says the site has been shuttered due to a ‘stagnant’ community and forums that resemble ‘a ghost town,'” Kersey reports. “The Hackulous repository used for jailbreak app Cydia has also gone offline, taking Installous — a downloader for cracked iOS apps — with it.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. > Hackulous, the community and website behind the popular app Installous… stagnant’ community and forums that resemble ‘a ghost town.’

    Apparently not so “popular.”

  2. What? iPhone users refuse to jailbreak their phones because they now have everything but App stealing and viruses, on their phones, out of the box?

    How will Fandroids keep up? I can’t see them giving up stealing Apps, or getting viruses, for that matter.

    1. You may be the exception, but in a recent survey 98% of jailbroken iOS devices had at least some pirated apps on them. Seems like every jail-breaker claims he doesn’t steal apps, yet… the statistic is remains.

      (Reminds me how every windows user claims his computer is virus free yet >95% of windows computers are infected)

  3. Oh, God, this is SO sweet:
    … the absence of a jailbreak for the iPhone 5 — as well as increasingly long wait times for updated jailbreaks for new versions of iOS — could also have played a part in the shutdown.

    ROFLMAO!! But, but — I thought that Apple and iOS were powerless before the mighty hackers and crackers who were fighting to free information from the shackles of corporate ownership?!

    Every time a new version of iOS or a new iPhone came out, we’d hear the usual taunting comments about how hackers would jailbreak Apple’s “walled garden” any day now. So where’s the crack now, huh?

    Looks like the cat is winning this cat and mouse game, if they haven’t already.


    1. Um they have jail broken the iPhone 5 already, within 24hours of its release actually. It’s not ready for a public release because there is not an easy way to exploit the device to get the custom firmware installed yet.

      Jailbreaking is the easy part for the pod2g and other members of the dream team finding a way to mass produce it into a “one click” process is the hard part

      1. But the “hard part” you mention is the only part Apple cares about. Apple (and every other hardware or software company) couldn’t care less if a small group of uber-hackers with far too much time on their hands find a complicated way to crack their products. As long as it’s never pushed out to the pirate kiddies (or pushed out so late that the pirate kiddies will be using old versions), Apple wins.

        Strictly speaking, even if the hackers have created “custom firmware”, it’s not truly a “jailbreak” until there’s a simple way to install it. At least it’s not a jailbreak in any sense that Apple cares about.


  4. I laughed so hard on those stupid comments. Such retards…

    Too bad for, it was a really nice repo and Installous was great. There are alternatives though, so nevermind, I’ll still get my FREE apps and games…

    Talking about the hacking community, to answer thé moron

    1. … Not finished…
      To answer the moron who thinks there’s a cat and mouse game with Apple on jailbreak, just FYI, jailbreak is NOT illegal.
      Your iDevice is yours, you have the right to modify your memory.

      Haters are always gonna hate. Same for fucktards.

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