Forte: Apple to release device we haven’t even thought of before

Telsey Advisory Group’s Tom Forte discusses what he expects from Apple in 2013.

He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

I do think, at some point in time, that Apple’s going to come out with a device that we haven’t even thought of before… I think the good news, right now, is that the shares don’t have a lot of expectation in them for that huge hit… Tim Cook’s done an awesome job, but at some point in time, we’ll be looking for hime to come up with the next iPhone or iPod or something like that… [But] on the strength of the iPhone and the iPad, I think they’re still in very good shape for 2013. – Tom Forte, December 31, 2012

Direct link to video here.


    1. How about a congress robot? If it could think half as well as Siri it would be way smarter than what we already got. Artificial intelligence is still better than nothing!

  1. Yeah and Apple invented the phone. A device nobody knew about. Basically if Apple doesn’t come up with a new revolutionary product every year or 2 years it will fail? So apple is doomed?
    I can’t wait for my iFridge, iCar, iBoat, iToilet, etc…

    1. Alexander Graham Bell might disagree with you. At least Apple created the first real workable smart phone though so-called smart phones existed before albeit village idiot versions by comparison. The Apple take made the world standstill doing a double take. (Fandroid forget how exciting that was and like to think Apple never innovated anything, which is course laughable. High, medium and low IQ disingenuous morons like that are alive and unfortunately all too well.)

  2. A year may come when the unthinkable product is released, when in Spanish Inquisition style it is presented, but it is not this year. I bid you *Carry on – apple fans of earth!*

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