Apple TV: Big potential in 2013

“Given the increasing number and intensity of Apple TV rumors, perhaps 2013 is the year that Apple finally transforms Apple TV from a hobby to a serious business line,” Darcy Travlos writes for Forbes. “The icing on the cake was when Tim Cook’s, Apple CEO, commented that it is an ‘area of intense interest’ in a NBC interview. What could an Apple TV mean for Apple and for you?”

“A television-like device would serve as the next step-function up in Apple’s growth trajectory, and a catalyst for the next 5-7 year product cycle,” Travlos writes. “Here are three reasons why Apple will revolutionize ‘television.’ Apple could change the way we organize television content, access television content and what we refer to as television content.”

Travlos writes, “Many critics of an Apple television-like device contend that it would be too expensive for consumers relative to other sets on the market. However, this argument did not hold up or prove out with the introduction of iPods or iPhones. Consumers have been willing to spend more on Apple products than the other items in the same category Apple’s products have come with greater functionality, elegant features and the aforementioned Delightful User Experience. Combine Apple’s elegant styling with a user-friendly interface and, viola, the MacTV or iPanel could usurp the current device called a television, and change how consumers think about the panel hanging on their living room wall.”

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  1. Getting access to a much larger swath of content and getting control over the UI to manipulate it is how Apple will revolutionize TV. The hardware is a distant 3rd place. Apple has a device that does that now for $99.

        1. “pwns”

          he didn’t mean Apple literally owns Disney.

          “pwns” Stemming from the misspelling of the word “owns”, being that the “p” key is right next to the “o” key. It does not mean the possesive “owns”, but as in a form of domination, such as in a game or sport.

          also realize that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney is on the Apple board of directors and purchased 1 million shares of Apple stock with his own money – not a grant from being a board member.

  2. A new Apple TV sure, but the cute little hokey puck. But Apple is not harvesting televisions any time soon. I and certainty not this coming year. An Apple branded pie seems more likely to me. They will be buying Hostess for their patents related to apple pies.

  3. Unless Apple can cut content deals with major TV networks, it doesn’t matter how great the hardware is.

    As it is, I wouldn’t even touch a current AppleTV 3. It’s an intentionally hobbled device that can’t even run a Plex or XBMC client unless FireCore can figure out how to open it up. I’ll stick with a Roku box or preferably a Mac Mini at each HDTV. I have no intention of ever using iTunes as a video media server.

    1. good catch.

      and it is about time the Viola was redesigned. It has been the same shape for hundreds of years.

      Perhaps it will come in multi-colors too. Will it be aluminum, titanium, plastic or molten metal?

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