Enderle: Why 2013 is RIM’s BlackBerry year

“As we look ahead to 2013, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the new year provides an unprecedented opportunity for Research in Motion to make a huge comeback,” Rob Enderle scribbles for CIO.

“This is largely because the market is dominated by two platforms: Android, which is seen as an unsecure malware magnet, and iOS, which comes from a firm that has never learned to spell “‘IT,'” Enderle blathers. “In fact, Apple’s biggest failures were Lisa and the Apple Server, both created on Steve Jobs’ watch (Lisa was even his product, initially) and both targeted at the IT market.”

MacDailyNews Take: Rob Enderle. King of the nonsensical non sequitur. As for spelling “IT”…
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Enderle drivels, “While phones and tablets are largely a consumer play, they are increasingly being used for business. Even in a BYOD world, IT still has a great deal of say about the hardware connected to its networks and services. As we start 2013, and as RIM brings out its next-generation products, the company will stand alone as the only mobile solutions provider focused on IT first and the needs of users later.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, by all means, let’s go back to catering to the whims of the IT doofus, ignoring the needs of people who actually make the company money and forcing shit tech on them. Unfortunately for Enderle and his ilk, those days are over/ending and, no, we’re not going back.

Enderle prattles, “This is an unprecedented opportunity. As a result, 2013 could be an amazing year for RIM.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve iCal’ed the rants of this poor delusional bastard for copious use in the future.

This sort of baseless, evidence-lacking, pump-up talk about a company that’s been so decisively passed by that their skulls are still spinning years after the dust settled on their corpses reminds us of the final years of Palm, Inc.

Where’s Palm now? Dead.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Opportun” for the heads up.]

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  1. Of course there is a huge opportunity for them to make a huge comeback, you can only make a comeback when you’re down, and when your in the toilet like them then the comeback would only be that much bigger.

    Any opportunity doesn’t mean anything unless there are indications that a company has and chance of capitalising on anything and RIM have failed at every turn so there is no reason to believe that they’re going to turn it around now.

    1. Hang on now… this is the story at Apple Inc. as well so lets not talk ill about a company’s comeback. All I know is that they are being led by a Siemen’s trained intellectually savvy German CEO and God knows to never under estimate German leadership. Jony Ives has made a pretty good living out of copying Dieter Kraft, and the world has seen most of its revolutionary products come out of Germany. Heins will secure his 80 million users and will add to it if the preliminary info that we are getting is accurate. Apple Inc. does not have a monopoly on hiring great engineers, great managers and great leaders. There is life outside Apple Inc.

      MDN takes like the one posted on this story speak to childish name calling and disrespect and this is not cool.

      1. If you’ve come to troll, at least get your facts straight. Who the hell is Dieter Kraft in the design world? I know there’s an actor by that name….perhaps you mean Dieter Rams? And since you seem to know nothing, you might like to think what being a designer means. Jonny I’ve has always admitted he took design queues from Rams principle ‘less…but better’. Rams didn’t design a computer…ever, so how did I’ve copy him?
        Oh what the hell…happy new year troll.

  2. I started writing software in 1965. I have watched this corporate evolution through mainframes, minis, and PC/networks. The technical people controlling this process have acted the same. This is because management is dumber than dirt when it comes to computers. This allows these twenty-something year-olds to maintain control and power.

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