Report: Apple dumps Samsung for Unimicron in ARM flip-chip business

Chinese language China Times is reporting that that Apple has dumped Samsung’s SEMCO for its important flip-chip chip scale package for ARM chips to Taiwanese printed circuit board maker Unimicron Technology Corp.

Jack Purcher reports, “It’s another move by Apple to decrease its business with Samsung for slavishly copying their products.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: 🙂


      1. What’s wrong with the video i posted, it shows how much of a liar the Koreans are and how this affects apple so badly. The Koreans deliberately unappreciated the Japanese friendship and olive branch, what kind of mentality is that ?

  1. Slowly but surely, Samsung will regret their actions, one component at a time. One day, they will wake up and say, “Why aren’t we making as much money, ohhh, yeah, I remember now, Apple is a big fat mean-doo-doo-head.”

    RIP SS.

    1. I just returned from a two-week trip to China to review product sourcing and supply logistics for a client; it was my fifth trip to China in the past year for this client. So, I think I am fully qualified to say that comments like KarlV’s, and previous takes by MDN, that bemoan the speed at which Apple is weaning itself from Samsung are uninformed at best, and moronic at worst.

      People who think this took too long have no professional appreciation for what it takes to revise a logistics chain, especially at the immense scale at which Apple operates. Even if there were no contractual inhibitors (more on that in a second), switching semiconductor fab’ing takes years of prequalification, negotiation, tooling, validation and ramp-up. Regardless of what you imagine, I can tell you for a cold, hard fact that there are only a couple companies on Planet Earth that can meet Apple’s quality, quantity and schedule requirements for these components, and Samsung is first among them. That this switch is being made at all is a small miracle and a testimony to Apple’s supply chain genius.

      Furthermore, none of us know for sure what the contractual issues have been, but it is safe to say that Apple’s agreements for many components made by Samsung predate 2010, which is when Samsung began selling devices that were blatant rip-offs of the iPhone and iPad. Breaking these contracts early was probably not in Apple’s best interests.

      Finally, if you read between the lines in Apple’s annual report and other SEC filings, you can find billions of dollars in expenditures Apple has been making for several years in its supply chain – much of it in direct investments in component fabricators.

      In short, KarlV, your comments – and ones like it by others – are profoundly uninformed and really pretty stupid.

        1. No it’s pretty stupid all right. Even a layman could come to an easy uneducated guess this would not be easy and a time consuming process. I love it when these guys just throw it off the cuff like they were the first to think of it and think all you have to do is snap your fingers authoritatively to make it happen at a moment’s notice. Like just flipping a switch.

          1. It can see that perhaps the original statement by KarlV is/was wishful thinking, impatience, lack of knowledge with the process, or some other parameter such as stupid.

            I can also see that perhaps the reply from Ralph M is/was wishful thinking, impatience, lack of knowledge with the process or some other parameter such as stupid. Furthermore I feel that Ralph M’s post reeks of that American arrogance that typically snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

            Ralph M did a superb post personalizing his experience and adding insight into a complex and often convoluted integrated process then totally spoiled the whole post, at least in my opinion, by calling KarlV stupid.

            Ralph M would have done the world a much better service if he had added a touch of kindness at the end of his post, something like “I hope this information gives you some deeper insight into the process.”

          1. 313, please take your sentimental issues elsewhere cause we don’t want them. Also have you taken the strong prescription drugs your doctor prescribed for your never ending mental issues?

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