Beleaguered RIM posts loss of $114 million; sales tumble 47%; 1 million subscribers lost last quarter

“Research In Motion reported a smaller-than-expected quarterly loss on Thursday, but recorded the first-ever drop in its subscriber base barely a month before the crucial launch of the new BB10 smartphone line,” Euan Rocha reports for Reuters.

“Excluding one-time items related to restructuring and other issues, the struggling BlackBerry maker reported a loss of $114 million or 22 cents a share,” Rocha reports. “The company said its subscriber base in the quarter fell to about 79 million from about 80 million in the period ended September 1.”

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“BlackBerry maker Research In Motion reported that sales fell through the floor last quarter,” David Goldman reports for CNNMoney.

“RIM said it is likely to report another loss next quarter as it ramps up its marketing campaign for its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and smartphones, which are slated to go on sale Jan. 30,” Goldman reports. “The company said its sales until then will likely take a hit.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, “until then.” The RIM zombie’s got some magical thinking going on.

“Sales during the quarter fell 47% to $2.7 billion,” Goldman reports. “RIM said it shipped just 6.9 million BlackBerry phones and 255,000 PlayBook tablets over the past three months.”

MacDailyNews Take: To where did they ship those PlayBooks, the Waterloo landfill?

Goldman reports, “Hopes aren’t high for the future of the platform. After dominating the smartphone market for years, RIM controlled less than 5% of smartphone sales in 2012, and it will own just 4% of the market in 2016, according to IDC forecasts.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “RIM. Dead Company Walking.” – MacDailyNews, August 5, 2010

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  1. RIM had their heads in the ground for many years, riding on the success of their closed commercial offerings. Until Apple came along and changed the game, putting powerful tools into the hands of consumers, which then overspilled into the corporate world. RIM was caught unprepared for such a dynamic shift in buying choices. Their products were always crap, but they worked well enough. 79 million users is still a goldmine of revenue opportunities. Let’s hope they have smartened up and their new BB10 offering gets them back on track. I used to be anti-BB because of their pathetic attitude, but I’m letting go of that and being optimistic that they can turn their ship around.

  2. RIM will not have 4% of the smartphone market in 2016. They will be long gone by 2015. This joke can not go on much longer. After the Blackberry 10 fiasco tanks in 2013, the on-going slide into tech oblivion will become very fast.

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