Laurene Powell Jobs looks to create bipartisan support for DREAM Act immigration reform

“Immigration reform has a fierce new ally: the wealthiest woman in Silicon Valley,” Michelle Quinn reports for Politico. “Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has made helping undocumented children get on a path to citizenship her cause, swinging through Washington to meet with lawmakers, including Sens. Marco Rubio and Dick Durbin, and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, key players in a brewing battle over immigration reform.”

“‘She is a great advocate for the DREAM Act,’ said Durbin. The Illinois Democrat sponsored the failed bill to offer a path to citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants. ‘She has not only brought friends and supporters to the cause, she has also done great research work on the issue,'” Quinn reports. “During a late November trip to the Hill, Powell Jobs met with Durbin and McCarthy, the House Republican whip. Her goal, they said, is to help create bipartisan support for the DREAM Act, which would give eligible young people a six-year path to citizenship.”

Quinn reports, “Powell Jobs declined to sit for an interview with POLITICO. A spokeswoman noted ‘how appreciative Laurene was for the time with those congressional Democrats and Republicans who recognize the important children’s issues represented by the DREAM Act.'”

“As the debate over immigration reform is expected to heat up next year, Powell Jobs is poised to play a bigger role in pushing Congress to enact legislative reforms. In late November, she met with Durbin to discuss research she commissioned from Republican pollster Luntz Global about immigration,” Quinn reports. “Powell Jobs has suggested that the debate needs to be reframed to emphasize that the DREAM Act isn’t about giving handouts; it would require young people to earn citizenship through military service or getting a degree.”

Much more in the full article here.

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    1. I think that it is a great idea to enable young folks who are already peacefully living in this country the opportunity to earn citizenship through service and education. I suspect that most of them will greatly value the opportunity to become full, productive citizens of this country, and we should welcome them.

  1. Why would anyone want citizenship? Then they would have to pay taxes and be a productive part of the system. The way it stands now, no taxes, but tax payers will pay for your welfare and medical expenses. Hard work doesn’t pay so well for the illegals.

    1. So you’re going to classify illegal immigrants in the same category as lazy welfare-sucking Americans? I’m Canadian and recently been befriending Filipinos coming to Canada to work. They have to make a huge sacrifices in order to gain their Permanent Resident status… minimum 3 years working here, away from their loved ones. For the most part, they are very appreciative of the opportunity and are very hard working. They make many Canadians seem lazy and greedy, which is why employers are importing workers rather than hiring locals. Sad that it’s come to that, but that’s reality. So, bottom line is that not all immigrants are abusing “the system”.

      1. I concur. In my experience, the Mexican and Filipino people – illegal and legal – that I live/work/play/interact with every day are harder workers than the average American. They have the Puritan work ethic that many American lost or, in more recent times, never had.

  2. Legally, these children are illegal aliens – but treating them as such makes the child responsible for the transgressions of the parent, which is unjust. So long as the child was brought here by their parent(s) at an age where they could not have decided what to do on their own, I agree that the laws of our country should be amended to give these children a path to naturalization. BTW, I’m a Republican, and a rather conservative one at that.

  3. When you give these illegals entitlements paid for by the U.S. citizen taxpayers, you eliminate a great deal of the need for them to achieve citizenship. It’s a catch-22. You want to help these poor kids (their illegal alien parent(s) broke the law, not them), and you want to give them a path to legal residence, but are they really going to take the path?

    You have to make it worth their while to serve in the military or earn a (meaningful) degree in order to achieve citizenship (and begin to pay back the U.S. citizenry for the years of paying for their food stamps, medical care, etc. when they were here illegally).

    1. Close and protect the U.S. borders.
    2. Give very minimal assistance to illegals. Make them decide to want to stay and become legal or leave and stop breaking the law.
    3. Give those already here a clear and enticing path to legal citizenship.

      1. I have such a depth of experience with my (illegal) Mexican and Filipino friends in this country (U.S.A.) that you would be kneeling before me begging for my forgiveness if you truly understood who I live/work/play/interact with on a daily basis.

    1. That’s more like it! Call yourself a republican Emmayche? Let First.014then 016 show you what a real republican is.

      That’s it….send these low life to the front lines to fight our illegal wars. This way we look like we are giving them legality and at the same time we can only hope they get killed off. Problem solved. The republican way.

      1. Actually, you unthinking, knee-jerk, illiterate asshole, I got the suggestion for military service/earning a degree directly from Laurene Powell Jobs, a supposed uber-liberal, who also happens to advocate against public school unionization and for school choice via vouchers:

        From the article above that you obviously didn’t, or perhaps couldn’t, read:

        “Powell Jobs has suggested that the debate needs to be reframed to emphasize that the DREAM Act isn’t about giving handouts; it would require young people to earn citizenship through military service or getting a degree.”

        1. Actually she never sat down for an interview. It is not even a quote from her. Someone is merely saying that she “suggested” such a thing. As she is not the founding member of this DREAM thing, her name is merely being added on to “founding principles” already established. Such as the, “send then off to die and dwindle down the numbers” principle, that I am sure some republican like you pushed through earlier on. Now, everyone who joins this DREAM will automatically be signed up to this principle. Time will tell if that’s what she really means.

          And come on, we all know repugnants like you put more emphasis on, “fodder for the front lines” than any “academic pursuits”.

  4. Third option. – Civil Service for same 4 years.
    There are so many programs that could be done for so much chaper using those unable to join military and not wanting a 4 year degree. Trade labor fields for same rate pay rate as military while they perform as apprentices in approved civil service openings.

      1. Hey Dumb Dumb, indentured servents weren’t paid.

        It’s an option of get an education, or get a job. Those civil service jobs could include things like trade profession training, often called apprenticships.

  5. All this does is encourage more illegal immigration, the only thing that maybe slowing this down is the crummy economy, all thanks to Obama, and his non-stop spending. If they would fully enforce the laws already on the books, there would be significant reductions in illegal immigration.

    1. The current iteration of the DREAMER act only applies to those CURRENTLY in the US. It does not extend to new illegals. Therefore it will not and cannot, by its very make up, encourage more illegal immegration. So before you make an ignorant comment, please verify your information.

  6. What does she mean be “re-framed”? If that means taking a bill filled with handouts and writing new talking points to hide the handouts — then even those if us who are fairly progressive Demicrars will align against it. However, if it means rewriting said bill to re-focus it with new goals that can lead to a reasonable compromise, than sure, let’s go for it. The devil is in the details.

  7. Anyone who only sees illegal immigrants as hard working people who just want a better life does not have good grip on reality. While may are, many more are not. The fact is, illegal immigrants cost this country $billions of dollars that we do not have. If you don’t think illegals are a financial burden, just look at some of these border towns which have been decimated. Hell, look at California, which is $17 billion in debt. Yet they just approved money for free cell phones!
    I’ve given up on the prospect of fiscal sanity for this nation, after the last presidential election, and expect this country will continue it’s downward spiral.

    But wealthy people like Laurene Powell need not worry! The cost of these programs won’t be a burden on her or her friends. As the old old saying goes — “It’s easy to be liberal when your wealthy”.

    1. HA HA HA!! Do you actually hear yourself??

      “While may are, many more are not. The fact is, illegal immigrants cost this country $billions of dollars that we do not have.”

      Where is your data to support this? If you want to prattle this as fact. Show your work.

      “Yet they just approved money for free cell phones!”
      No they didn’t. In fact Lifeline costs the cell carriers the money. No taxes pay for it. This has been known since 1985. Get your head out of the FOX hole you twit.

      1. @Bobnneal – maybe you should re-read your link. You should also read your phone bill. Because unless you are one of the lifeline people receiving a free phone, you are paying for it. They may not call it a tax, but it is a tax under some BS definition. So maybe you should get your foot out of your mouth.

      2. Spoken like a true psycho left-wing-nut. As I said, if you’re not aware of the $billions in costs that illegal aliens cost this country, I’m not going to educate you.

        And you really are brainwashed if you think that we the people are not paying for subsidized cell phones. Call it a tax or whatever you like, we’re paying for yet another unaffordable, unsustainable, financially abused program. indeed! Read this article where this left-wing propagada website receives it’s funding, you CNN brainwashed lemming. — A Fraudulent “Fact Check” Site Funded By Biased Political Group:

    2. Free cell phones for the drug dealers who qualify because none of their income is declared and their assets are “hidden”. AS Yakov Smirnoff would say “What a Country”.

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