Apple releases iOS 6.0.2, fixes issue with Wi-Fi connectivity

“Apple today rolled out an updated version of iOS 6, which fixes a problem with Wi-Fi connectivity,” Chloe Albanesius reports for PC Magazine.

“The iOS 6.0.2 update “fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi,” according to Apple’s software update notice,” Albanesius reports. “To see if the update has rolled out to your device, tap Settings > General > Software Update.”

MacDailyNews Note: iOS 6.0.2 System Requirements: iPhone 5, iPad mini.

Albanesius reports, “The update took about 20 minutes to install on the iPhone 5, after which the phone need a reboot to complete the upgrade.”

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    1. MacDailyNews Note: iOS 6.0.2 System Requirements: iPhone 5, iPad mini.

      Thanks. This note from MDN just wasn’t enough to make it clear. Also IOS 6.02 is not needed for all models of iMacs, MacBook Pros or Ford Pontos.

  1. So all of us whose iPhones 4 and 4S have been having serious connectivity issues with Enterprise WPA2 networks ever since the iOS 6 update are still out in the cold? Yep. Shame, I got excited there for a minute.

    I’m still running over my data plan since iOS 6 because the damn iPhone can’t keep ahold of the WiFi network.

  2. Nice new App from AppleInsider. Totally spanks MDNs skanky offering. Would suggest people move over to it, and forget about Ballmers Left Nut and his league of trolls.

  3. This update has limited the wifi download speeds on my iPhone 5 and wifi-only iPad mini to 3 Mbps. Try it on only one device at a time. I hope they unscrew themselves quickly on this one.

  4. It seems the 3g bug is still around. My iPhone 5 won’t find the 3g network once lost it or settled with edge. I have to turn the phone off and back on or use airplane mode on and off to get 3g back. Such a hassle.

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