Apple sells over two million iPhone 5 units in first weekend in China

Apple today announced it has sold over two million of its new iPhone 5 in China, just three days after its launch on December 14. iPhone 5 will be available in more than 100 countries by the end of December, making it the fastest iPhone rollout ever.

“Customer response to iPhone 5 in China has been incredible, setting a new record with the best first weekend sales ever in China,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in the press release. “China is a very important market for us and customers there cannot wait to get their hands on Apple products.”

iPhone 5 is the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever, completely redesigned to feature a stunning new 4-inch Retina® display; an Apple-designed A6 chip for blazing fast performance; and ultrafast wireless technology —all while delivering even better battery life. iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with over 200 new features including: Shared Photo Streams, all-new Maps app, Passbook® organization and even more Siri® features and languages including Mandarin.

Source: Apple Inc.


  1. I agree. Battery life has to be the #1 priority they should look at. What is the point of having a smartphone if the battery runs out if you’re listening to music, have Bluetooth enabled, talk for more than an hour, play a couple of games and the battery doesn’t last even half a day. Waste of time cramming all the smart features in the phone when you have to have them disabled to prolong battery life or not use them at all because they suck too much battery.

    Might as well build a dumb phone in that case.

  2. So much for the (likely google bought and paid for) blogosphere & tech press echo chamber proclaiming that the interest for Apple products in China are waning…

    Just recently go back from a week in japan and I was amazed (given the level of rabble about how big a hit android is in japan) that the phone I saw the most (overwhelmingly) was the iPhone.

    Where are all these phones google claims to “activate” every day? They certainly don’t see to be in the US, or Canada, or Western Europe or the UK or Japan (where I have personally seen a nearly 2:1 ratio of iPhone) or now (given this news) even China.
    Kind of makes you wonder…

  3. I would take that in and have it checked, you may have a configuration issue or even a hardware problem. My 5 gets more runtime than I was getting on my 4.

    Now samsungs battery life is great out of the box but the minute you actually put applications on it and strat to actually use it the battery life drops in half
    My Sister just got a new S3, because of the “tech press” touting such long runtime, the problem is that ‘roid sucks (literally) the life out of it as soon as you actually start using it because of poor backgrounding architecture. A month in she didn’t even get the runtime her old iPhone (4) used to get. (and she thought it was going to improve 😉
    She is even considering taking the “hit” for an early upgrade and trading up to the iPhone 5 (hehe… I told her so)

      1. Naaa.. it’s all good now!
        When she was think about getting the sammy She was insufferable, telling me how I was just “stuck” on the iPhone and how it was a walled garden, yada, yada yada…
        Now however I just smile and shrug and shake my head as she swears at her phone.

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