Apple’s has their iPad cannibalization perfectly timed

“Ever since the iPad Mini launched, Apple watchers wondered how long it would take for the Mini to cannibalize the iPad’s sales,” Erika Morphy reports for Forbes. “Not long, as various figures are showing.”

“Not that Apple was likely surprised or even dismayed by the turn of events,” Morphy reports. “As Azita Arvani of the Arvani Group told me recently, Apple has never shied away from cannibalizing its own products.”

Morphy reports, “Other statistics, this time from IDC, suggest that Apple made its move downstream in the tablet market just in time.”

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  1. Apple is not going to sit by and let competitors jump their game.

    Nor are they going to allow competitors to beat their proprietary CPUs. $4B/yr is going to protect their base.

  2. Before the iPad mini there was only the iPad. now there is choice the market is segmenting into those who want small and those who appreciate screen real estate because ‘mobile’ means different things to different people

      1. Now that BLN has stopped complaining about screen sizes, I find him quite alright. He didn’t gloat when the larger phone or the smaller iPad came out, nor does he come here looking for a fight. For as much crap that has been flung at him, I’ve never heard him say *hit about anyone.
        BLN is actually beginning to earn my respect.

    1. I only wish that was the case in our house. We drift from MB airs to iPads, to a mini, to our phones, to some old iPod touches. Pretty aimless, but I can’t see us ever giving up the older platforms.

    2. At this point in my life I have no need for a laptop. It’s all iMac and iPad for me. I’m taking Instrumentation night classes so I must still use a computer. The iPad doesn’t let me access some of the online course content. Nor does it let me organize my files, cut, paste compose the way I need to. I use the iPad to record lectures and take the odd photo. The IPad is awesome for PDF manuals while I’m working on my labs.

    1. You crawl out of the shadows just to talk about me! How flattering. But you did leave out the part about my making that point exactly when there was zero verifiable information proving there WAS going to be a mini. Everything was based on BS. I know you love BS, GM. But you are a bit obsessive about it.

      1. Touchy are we Derek? You run your mouth on here all day long every day. Remember, you started this crap with me a while back. That was a real mistake. Thought I’d give you a little taste of what you dish out. Apparently you can’t take it. Get used to it.

  3. Now that they realized the mini success, hopefully they can accept that folks would love an iPhone with at least a 4.5″ display. It would out sell the 4″ incher without a doubt.

    1. In the tablet space, the small-screen versions are becoming more popular and in the smart phone space, the large-screen versions are becoming more popular. Funny how that works.

    2. Presenting the new Galaxy-iPhone, the first iPhone that covers the half of your face when making calls und needs two hands for web-browsing!!!

      I want it now!!!!

  4. Where are all those MDN posters who said Apple would never come out with an iPad Mini or if they did it would be a FAIL?

    No complacency on Apple’s part. They have real world users inside their organization with real world feedback.

    Next up: High res.

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