Apple seeds iOS 6.1 beta 4, new Apple TV and Xcode betas to developers

“Apple on Monday supplied its developer community with fresh betas of iOS 6.1, Xcode 4.6, and Apple TV software,” AppleInsider reports.

“The latest release of iOS 6.1 comes two weeks after the third beta was supplied to developers, labeled as 10B5117b,” AppleInsider reports. “That update prompted users to enter security questions for iCloud once their device boots up, while earlier betas of iOS 6.1 added the ability to purchase movie tickets through Fandango with Siri.”

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    1. No, don’t expose the file system. Instead provide a Projects app that allows users to gather all of the related documents for a single project regardless of which app “owns” it. For us geeks, the file system is simple, but for most users it add too much complexity.

    2. Dead on Lefty. It drives me nuts that multiple apps have to store their own versions of files. For example CineXplayer and VLC can’t play a “common” file.
      A simple “Documents” app/folder is all it takes for those us who need this. That’s right, this is a need not a want 🙂 I need the free space on my iPad!

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