Goldman Sachs study: Google, Microsoft to face increasingly dominant Apple in coming years

“Google and Microsoft will struggle to vend off Apple’s smartphone-tablet juggernaut, according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET. “Titled ‘Clash of the titans,’ the 75-page study depicts Google and Microsoft as ‘challenged’ in their bids to compete with Apple.”

Some salient points made by Goldman Sachs, which based many of their findings on internal survey results:
• Google and Microsoft are “challenged” in platform adoption
• In the “context of platform adoption,” companies that are defined as “well positioned” include Apple
• Android tablet share (excluding the Kindle Fire) will drop to 21% next year from 33% this year
• Tablet share loss leads to smartphone share defection
• Market share of “total consumer compute” has fallen from 93% in 2000 to an expected 20% in 2012

Crothers reports, “Apple comes across in the report as a technological juggernaut that will be hard to stop… With new devices such as the iPad mini and lower priced iPhones, Apple’s market share in phones ‘has room to rise much further, and that its dominant tablet market share appears to be more resilient than most expect.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Think Apple’s big now? You haven’t seen anything, yet!

As we’ve said many times in the past: Google will rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.</blockquote

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  1. MDN has great one line summaries to scan through, But it’s the comments from MDN that I look forward to the most. Is there anyway to add “comments attached” to the one-liner zings?

  2. MDN keeps posting these optimistic statements from some Wall Street brokers and forecasters. Meantime, AAPL continues to plummet as the overall market rises. The reality is that investors see Apple as a company in decline from its once dominant position to now having joined the pile of other tech competitors, i.e. ordinary. The don’t see the inspired leadership that made them great and they don’t see superior products (although some still are – constantly slipping, however). They see Sony. Regardless of the cash horde, the optimism from some brokers, a mythical television set, and wishful thinking all around, AAPL is a $400 – $500 stock now and will remain so.

    1. poopypeterson hasn’t learned anything and is still an idiot troll. The overall market isn’t on a huge rise, its up and down, and down just like most every company listed.

      The difference is Apple really isn’t impacted by the manipulating robber bastard analcysts. With 100+ BILLION in cash, and no debt Apple writes its own ticket, no matter how loudly the bought and paid for by Google & MS tech ‘journalists’ or the WallStreet analcysts complain and whine or try to manipulate APPL stock down.

      Apple only has to keep on course with products that people love to use and are willing to buy.

      Oh yeah, if pppeterson is so omnipresent and all-knowing about the stock market and how Apple will remain at $500 I wanna know what multi billion dollar company he is the CEO of.

      1. “if pppeterson is so omnipresent and all-knowing … I wanna know what multi billion dollar company he is the CEO of.”

        As a stockholder, I’d rather my CEO did his job, not try to outguess the stock market.

    2. Last I checked, Sony didn’t produce an ecosystem or platform upon which a company can truly dominate. People buy apple hardware because it’s cooler than anything out there – they stay, and buy more, and more, music, books, media etc., because of the software, the ecosystem, which could be argued is the area ACTUALLY dominates – people use it, love it, spend with it – people dont use android the same way, not even close – they use it to make phone calls and check emails – Sony didn’t make software, they competed purely on hardware, a losing business plan to be sure – android, not apple, will suffer the same slow, then sudden death.

  3. MDN is going to rue the day that Google rues the day because all of the advertising sprayed all over this site will be gone. MDN: hypocrites using Google ad campaigns. Google pays MDN’s bills.

  4. Acording to the analytics of my small business site, about 51% of my trafic is Windows, and iOS and OSx together make up about 41%, percentage wise that’s the lowest I have seen Windows traffic, the highest I have seen Apple devices. There are real changes going around, and forget just Apple, if MS is not diligent Google will eat it alive. There are some folks who will not enter the Apple ecosystem for whatever reason, and other than corporate, most will transition to android.

  5. The problem is android looks and feels different, depending on which company’s phone or tablet it drives – the brand loyalty is hard to capture when LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc., all use your FREE platform is a different way, suiting their needs, not the needs of Google – Google gives it away as a Trojan Horse into the PROFITS of search and apps – problem is: nobody uses android for this, they use, in ever growing numbers, iOS.

  6. Is this brilliant insight supposed to help justify Goldman’s obscene business practices and blatant self-reward at the expense of everyone, including its own clients? Thieves, one and all.

  7. Considering the demonstrated LACK of creativity and competition from the biznizz world in general, including specifically Google and Microsoft, I say:

    Massive DUH Factor GS! Did you just figure this out? You represent, as a company, the quintessential parasite corporation, the spirit of the age of biznizz. Go rot in a corner and die already. 👿

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