iPads continue to vanish at the airport thanks to thieving TSA workers

“A TSA agent caught stealing iPads and numerous other electronic devices was arrested this week following a sting operation at New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “Sean Henry, 32, joins the growing list of TSA workers who have been accused of stealing from passengers as they pass through airport checkpoints across the United States.”

“Henry’s arrest follows an ABC News investigation carried out back in September, which revealed that 381 TSA officers had been fired for theft since 2003,” Bell reports. “Henry will be the latest, after Transportation Security Administration spokesman David Castelveter confirmed that the TSA has ‘taken the steps to begin processing [Henry] for termination.'”

Bell reports, “Apple’s iOS devices — the iPad, in particular — appear to be a popular target for some TSA agents, who believe it’s okay to take passengers’ belongings home with them. Unfortunately for them, they’re also the easiest to track… Officers used the Find My iPad feature to track the two devices that had been intentionally left behind, and they found them with Henry as they left JFK on the airport’s AirTrain system. And that’s not all Henry was carrying. In Henry’s backpack, investigators found a MacBook Pro, a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones — still boxed, an iPad mini, an iPod, and an iPhone. A subsequent search of his home also uncovered a stolen MacBook. Needless to say Henry was charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property.”

Read more in the full article here.

The ABC News report is here.

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    1. One way is by opening your checked baggage. Never check anything valuable. Learned that the hard way a few years ago when they stole my video camera, but kindly left a calling card (a notice informing me my bag had been opened and searched by the TSA).

      Another way, perhaps more to the point for this article, is to grab anything the traveler has forgotten at a security checkpoint.

    2. It might be when the powers that be ie TSA scum demand everyone STOP and you and everyone comply to this illegal command thus swelling the heads of these maggots! So while you shaking in your boots ‘cuz God help you if you move, for fear the TSA thugs will haul your carcass to their special little room for correction training! That’s when they rob you I bet!

    3. Hard to say.

      The most improbable phrase above, though is, the TSA has ‘taken the steps to begin processing [Henry] for termination.’ Processing for termination? Can’t you just call him into your office, hand him a paycheck and say, “You’re fired!” a la Donald Trump?

  1. Would like to say i am surprised by this, but I am not.
    THe house the guy in Orlando lives in seems nice, considering how “low paid’ they are supposed to be.

  2. yeah, i don’t drop anything into those bins. all goes into front pockets of the carry on. and the iPad? your not even required to pull that one out of your baggage.

        1. Indeed, 3 years and 11 months later, the blame game continues to flourish. America may be doomed, but not for the reasons that you believe.

          Please keep in mind, BLN started this particular rant. You just commented on the part that bothered you personally while seeming to accept the “blame game” content that fits with your paradigm.

  3. This shouldn’t shock anyone. The idea that somehow Doctors or Government workers are noble is a big fat false ideology. We are all timber, but we are all crooked timber – the profession makes no difference.

  4. And we are relying on these people to assure that no wackos get on airplanes? Who runs security checks on them? 381 arrests in nine years? Well, I guess if you make decisions based on averages, not too bad. But if GM had that many failures of hood latches, they’d have to recall millions of cars. This makes no sense and it is beyond concerning in my estimation. Oh wait, there is the personal responsibility aspect. If passengers would just not be so absent minded and leave the temptations right there, these poor stiffs would not be taking them home for safe keeping. Wait, wait — some defense lawyer I am sure we come up with a good neighbor defense. The premise being that the victimized TSA officers were only taking these items home for safe keeping until the rightful owner claimed them.

  5. Considering that the TSA’s role is for essentially ‘national security’, charging those individuals who **breach that trust** with treason would claim down on things REAL fast.

    And since the penalty for treason includes death by firing squad, it wouldn’t take too many capital punishment “examples” to utterly put a stop to ALL airline baggage theft.

    Yes, this sounds severe, but when we remember that the duty that they’re charged with is to prevent terrorists from getting ahold of airplanes to use as weapons of mass destruction, it really isn’t.


  6. There’s a lot of confusion and baskets at the security checkpoint, people do leave their stuff behind.
    I once too left my laptop which has to be taken out of bag, I realized that my bag was pretty light when I was already on the plain, I ran back to the checkpoint and recovered my laptop which was already secured in the TAS’s desk.

  7. The TSA says they “have a zero tolerance policy for steeling from passengers.”

    Really? They actually have a policy stating that their security officers shouldn’t steel from passengers?!?!?
    Are there security agencies that have a one-time forgiveness policy for steeling?

  8. Millions of pieces of luggage make it through untouched each day, but it’s still legitimate news when something is stolen. That usually isn’t the first time the guy has taken something.

    And when it does happen, it makes you think TSA means Took Somebody’s Apple.

    1. I used to work for the State of New York. Sometimes it does feel like you’re being PUNISHED for working for the government.

      But that doesn’t equate to giving up your personal integrity and self-respect for the sake of some abstract need for revenge.

      1. You should be punished. You are leeching off taxpayers, meddling in our affairs, and lording it over your betters, the poor slobs forced to pay your salary.
        We need to abolish the TSA and ALL govt bureaucracies — actually, all govt. What do we need it for? Taxing us? Making war? Believe me, we can all do w/o those curses.

        1. HAHAHAHAHA! Great imitation of a raving lunatic. Bravo!

          Part of my work for NYS over the course of 3 years was to study the effects of the Seneca Army Depot’s radiation spillage on the lake trout of both Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. It was producing cancerous tumors that eventually killed the fish.

          So please Bea, come to New York and drink the water contaminated with nuclear waste. By no means pay anyone to study such trivial things.

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