Steve should’ve patented it: Meizu produces knockoff of Apple keynote event with MX2 launch in China (with video)

“To survive in the fierce competition of Chinese mobile market, the phone makers in China are trying to imitate everything from Apple,” Herman Lai reports for M.I.C. Gadget.

“We have attended Meizu MX2 launch party in Beijing, which was considered to be another equivalent to Apple’s keynote event,” Lai reports. “Previously, we remembered CNN has mentioned that Meizu was formerly the coveted smartphone brand in China, but that mantle has passed on to Xiaomi which — like Apple — masterfully markets its technology like a lifestyle.”

Lai reports, “But now we believe Meizu has [struck] back, which proved they can host a better Apple keynote knockoff in China. After having a preview video of Meizu MX2, we’ve made another video to take you through the magnificent Meizu MX2 launch event inside Beijing WaterCube.”

More info, photos, and video in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Meizu’s motto must be, “Hey, if you’re gonna steal from Apple, you might as well go all they way!”

[Attribution: Fortune. Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker, “Jax44,” and “Sarah” for the heads up.]


      1. I am not people! I am Crabapple, since you have graced my comment with a feedback, I will reply to your question.
        The video unveils a white product followed by the name, ‘J.Wong’. Did they set themselves up for the joke? I don’t know, but I just love good bad jokes, i.e jokes that are not funny but you cannot help but laugh. After all vinegar is a by-product of rotten apples:-) Yet vinegar has 101 good uses some of which are medicinal.

        1. @ Austintx1 Some people think so, others have learnt to tolerate me but when I am out & about, that is when the blasting really happens. For example, I met a group of friends and said this to them; Two hens were discussing their eggs as one from each had broken revealing that one egg had a yolk and no white and the other had an egg with white but no yolk.
          2nd hen to first hen,’your eggs are a yolk!’
          1st hen to 2nd hen,’yours are no yolk either!!’

          Was that an eggcellent joke or was it a bad yolk?
          Two out five people got it!

    1. ShameScum remains particularly odd to me, as you’d think South Korea would have plenty of incentive for creativity. And yet we have ScamDung ripping off everything they can lay their hands on, forcefully REFUSING to credit the victims of their mimicry.

      My theory about ShamShite is that they are JUST PLAIN LAZY.

  1. Typical China in general:

    the phone makers in China are trying to imitate everything from Apple

    If you can’t innovate, imitate.

    China’s biggest problem is Communism, which is a fraud, which immediately devolves into Totalitarianism flavored with the removal of all incentives to invent and create anything. When everything of mine is your’s, why bother?! Therefore, people stuck in this devolved system find their own incentives via the alternative system called CRIME. Thus China: Criminal Nation.

    In this case, China’s inability to legally create anything has produced a particularly desperate and hilarious result. Sheesh. 😯

      1. Touché!

        But there is nothing innately criminal in most people. I tend to point at situations that create the incentive for crime. China has communism. Britain had a vicious class system at the time they were using Australia as their criminal colony. I’ve known absolutely wonderful people from both places.

    1. Hey Mr. Currie, are you related to Marie Sklodowska Curie? If so, keep off the polonium & radium!
      No one forces business’ to outsource manufacturing to China!
      You want your products copy proof? Produce them on your home turf using homie’s to do so, if you can trust your own homie’s that is…

      1. HAHAHA! Not related to the Curies, sorry.

        Out sourcing of jobs was for years an inevitability. There is a huge incentive to pay the lowest possible wages to employees. Part of it is the demand for cheaper products, including Apple gear.

        Meanwhile, I don’t agree about products being ‘copy proof’. You are not comprehending the concept of environmental, cultural, governmental INCENTIVE allowed to people. If our world around us, as found consistently with ‘communism’, kills off all incentive to give a damn about anything, people will go out and FIND a way to give themselves and incentive. The single EASIEST incentive to find to be ambitious is CRIME. It is an entirely self-destructive choice in life. But when one’s life is already shite, what’s a little more self-destruction when all your loved ones, as well as yourself, is suffering within an already self-destructive environment. There are books on the subject…

  2. At least they’re using the “Water Cube” for something. Most of those structures built for the 2008 Olympics are just gathering dust, including the “bird’s nest” stadium, which has been almost completely unused since the games.


  3. China has no SHAME. also i see all the camera’s used by the reporters/journalists/photo graphers are all Japanese camera’s, looks like China cannot produce good camera’s on their own, sure they assemble them for others, but no home grown design

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