Jim Cramer: Buy Apple stock over Google

“Buy shares of Google (GOOG) or Apple (AAPL)? That’s the question on many tech investors’ minds,” Scott Rutt reports for TheStreet.

“Jim Cramer told Debra Borchardt at TheStreet.com Monday that he’s sticking with Apple,” Rutt reports, “a stock he owns for his charitable trust, Action Alerts PLUS.”

Rutt reports, “He said the Android operating system doesn’t make Google as much as Apple makes from its iOS platform and even in advertising, Google’s bread and butter, the transition to mobile has been challenging. Cramer reminded viewers that Google has a higher multiple than Apple as well, which is why he continues to prefer Apple, which is now well off its highs.”

More info and video in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


    1. I agree with you but AAPL is also ‘going back and forth’ so he must be right some of the time. If Cramer says it is a better buy than GOOG then I guess I should sell AAPL and buy long Spreads on GOOG.

      1. Sure. Take that money and buy some puts on Google if you think it’s going down. But you might want to pick up a couple on AAPL also. Just in case it takes a dive here for a short time before trying to go back up to $700. After all, it was at $505 just a few weeks ago. Don’t think it can’t happen again. Ask all those buy-and-hold investors that didn’t get out the last time Apple reached its all-time high. That’s a lot of money to lose. $200 going down. And $200 going back up. I think Apple and Google are both good going forward. But you can’t stay in forever. Youmust learn to take profit. No matter what stock
        it is.

    2. Actually, he has been pretty consistent on recommending AAPL as an investment. The short term buy-sell recommendations are for short term trades, and I wish I would have listened to his last advice to sell, as I could have pocketed some money and bought back in much lower. I thought I was getting a good price buying at $615 on the way down. Could have gotten it for $505 ten days later

    1. The fiscal cliff is a figment of CNBC’s imagination. I would like to see one day where they never mentions Apple of fiscal cliff. Exxon, the 2nd largest company rarely gets mentioned and i dare say it has a lot more challenges to its growth and profits than does Apple. And GOOG will pull and HP and have a big write down on on its Motorola investments when the attempt to”hold up’ the world on FRAND SEPatents fails.

      I’m beginning to believe falling the FC would be the best thing to happen. BO will have to give in or see the economy sink. Not that he cares – he will still male his trips and have taxpayers spend $5 million to fund the cost of supporting his Hawaii vacation.

      1. Or… The Republicans will fail to budge, driving us off the cliff, and then vote for tax rates on the wealthy that are higher than today’s but lower than the pre-Bush rates. Thus ensuring they can honor their pledges to never vote for higher taxes.

  1. Cramer said buy at around $100.00 a few years back.He has constantly said stay in for the long run. Now over the past three weeks he is flip-flopping. I’m not an analysis but my son bought at $55.00 years ago. Apple has a long way to go. Especially with their talent working for them.
    They found the secret, it’s not the iPhone, it’s their “Eco System” nobody has it like Apple., NOBODY

    1. Please know what you are taking about before you give advice. The people who sold to take capital gains do not have to wait 30 days before buying back in. The 30 day wash-sale rule only applies when taking a capital loss.

  2. Apple needs a bigger phone and that is why Samsung is winning big in asia. I just came from China and all the young men want bigger phones. Apple will retest 363 in January after the biggest earnings miss ever. Remember, Apple could miss by 1 cent and that is a big miss for Apple. They will be heading out the doors fast. Great stock to short now into earnings. Apple is over. They will have a few years before they basically start to die.

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