Five myths about Apple

“This fall, Apple chief executive Tim Cook formally apologized for the company’s mistake-filled mobile map application, which became a national joke for its screwy geography. The misstep focused new attention on the legendary company and how it has fared since the death of Steve Jobs in October 2011,” Darrell Etherington writes for The Washington Post.

“Questions abound: Will holiday shoppers fill their carts, virtual and real, with as many Apple products as last year? Is the company’s future as bright as its past? Judging by its stock price of late, investors seem uncertain,” Etherington writes. “Here’s a look at what some are saying in the post-Jobs era and why those perceptions might need some fine-tuning.”

Five myths about Apple:
1. Without Jobs, Apple doesn’t know how to think outside the box
2. Apple’s innovation days are numbered
3. Apple wants to control everything — still
4. Apple doesn’t truly care about working conditions at the plants in Asia that produce its products
5. Apple’s growth isn’t sustainable

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  1. It is true, however – beyond dispute that Apple only cares about making money – no matter how much they deny it. Microsoft at least takes its responsibility seriously as the custodian of an OS used by people in many areas of use. Whereas, with Apple, if it doesn’t make money, then you can go and jump. e.g. lack of matte non-reflective screens.

    I saw the new iMac screens, and they do not satisfy those people who have need of non-reflective screens.

      1. Many people think Google gives everything away for free. It does offer a lot of free services, though. The only free service I’ve ever noticed Apple gives away is iTunes U which is very valuable service. Apple has the appearance of being an extremely tight-fisted company, charging money for everything. Microsoft had it’s days of shafting everyone for ultra-high profits with recycled Windows code, so Microsoft was definitely just as bad as Apple.

        Anyway, Google has the appearance of a company giving up revenue to serve the world. A latter day Robin Hood. Probably not true, because it’s does have a relatively high share price, so money must be flowing from somewhere.

        1. You can get free apps and music….. isn’t part of their underlying O/S open source? That is free. They give alot more free stuff than what I’ve mentioned also…

        2. When you say Google gives things away for “free”, you’re not thinking about how they make their money. The things you give to Google to offset the value of their services is paid in information. Without your information, Google wouldn’t have a business model. You can decide for yourself how much that is worth to you.

    1. MM, what an ultra-maroon!!! ( see Bugs Bunny ref)..

      “Apple only cares about making money” — the “only” is what labels you a troll and kills your comment. Apple knows that making money pays the bills, but their core focus is “making really great products that please its customers”.

      “Microsoft at least takes its responsibility seriously”—- more trolling or just believing what ever Ballmer says!!!.

      Microsoft has said repeatedly….”we will monazite the product”. Microsoft has one focus… making money by being the monopoly leader and forcing you to buy their stuff, no matter how bad or how expensive. Period.

      Ok, why do I even try to reply to someone who ends their rant with a complaint about non-reflective screens when there are cheap 3rd party products to fix this issue. ?????? Its just a monday I guess. LOL

  2. Five retorts:

    1: Sir Johnny.

    2: Apple is NOT a copycat company.

    3: IT pink slips, I feel your pain.

    4: Only lib activists and the vast ignorati fall for this nagging untruth.

    5: Makes the most sense, but only time will tell.

  3. I kept a very article about Microsoft published in 1997. “How Bill Gates Killed Windows”. The article explained that Bill held a meeting and explained how every single department had to show how their project was going bolster the bottom line of the company. Nothing wrong with bolstering the bottom line. Like althegeo said every company has to make money. But Bill didn’t want to waist profits on bug fixes or serious projects on forward looking innovation. As far as the article talking about Apple thinking outside the box beyond Steve Jobs? Wait until the MBA’s start moving in. That will do them in! I just hope the time line is down the road.

  4. Apple seems possessed with the notion that eliminating user access or making user access to their machines difficult is the optimal corporate philosophy. Soldered RAM and LCDs held together with glue versus magnets are a few examples. My family and colleagues have been replacing RAM, hard drives, and video cards in Macs for years, but this is all changed. What was once a pleasant time in the evening upgrading your machine yourself has devolved into an expensive, time-wasting experience. This notion of the disposable Mac runs contrary to Apple’s stated concern for environmental friendliness. It is also makes owning some Macs prohibitively expensive.

    1. MF.

      Sorry to disagree with you, but there are landfills full of easy to upgrade PCs. While many older Macs are still running. If you make a product that just works great and lasts a long time, you will be doing a better effort to reduce cost and trash.

      Remember, if a Mac “breaks” then you have to open it to repair it. If you just want more storage space…. add an external hard drive. Its super easy. Need a dvd player… add an external one. Its only memory that needs updating… so just buy more when you order.

      And lastly, remember that Macs are not make to make jobs for questionably skilled 3rd party workers…. They are made to work great and last a long time. I still have a functioning eMac, iMac G5, iBook, MacBook and now a MacBook Pro. All still humming along.

      Just a thought there.

  5. ‘1. Without Jobs, Apple doesn’t know how to think outside the box’

    There are only so many Henry Fords, Disneys and Jobs. Just look around at some of the the others, (Gates, Cuban, Dell) – most of them are just lucky. RIP Steve.
    Jobs was a genius.

  6. I’m an apple fan but here are my responses:

    Five myths about Apple:
    1. Without Jobs, Apple doesn’t know how to think outside the box

    2. Apple’s innovation days are numbered

    3. Apple wants to control everything — still

    4. Apple doesn’t truly care about working conditions at the plants in Asia that produce its products

    5. Apple’s growth isn’t sustainable

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