NBC News to air segment featuring Apple CEO Tim Cook on December 6th

“It was announced on Friday that Apple CEO Tim Cook will be the subject of a special interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, with the profile scheduled to air on Rock Center next Thursday, Dec. 6,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“At the close of NBC’s Nightly News on Friday, Williams announced that he had spent the day with Cook for an exclusive one-on-one set to air next week,” Campbell reports, “marking the first in-depth TV interview the CEO has granted since taking over the reins from late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.”

Campbell reports, “A preview of the interview will be aired on Thursday’s edition of the Nightly News before the entire profile is broadcast at 10 p.m. eastern on Rock Center.”

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  1. .. the editors will splice in ‘juicy’ bits (which gets the ratings) like Foxconn issues. Last time I saw apple on TV was a bunch of workers threatening suicide… ontop of a Foxconn factory BUILDING MSFT XBOXES (zero mention of Msft in the clip, all apple).

    probably they will also add ‘tidbits’ like how Apple is ‘losing’ the smartphone war to (no profit) android…

    perhaps I’m too cynical … or read too many ‘slanted’ apple articles in the press.

    in the last years of his life Jobs granted almost no interviews except in direct relation to product launches (even those cover stories in Newsweek or Time was related to products like iPod, iPhone etc) , didn’t talk to financial ‘analysts’ etc. He found years ago that the press was almost always looking for negative slant for ‘entertainment’ value.

  2. I wish that Cook never agreed to an interview. Let the stock ratings, profits reports, and lines of loyal users speak for Apple. Nevertheless, Cook is going to open his trap for all to see and hear

    Jobs’ last words of advice to Cook were probably “Avoid the lime light, stay focused, produce reliable and desirable products, and promote excellence.”

    1. It’s NBC… Any letter(s) preceding it and it still will have “no taste”! I wonder what ‘edits’ NBC will make this time?

      Tim Cook: “Anything can be forced to converge, but the problem is that products are about tradeoffs and you begin to make tradeoffs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day does not please the user,” Cook said. “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.”.”

      NBC: “Anything can be forced to converge. What you have please the user. A toaster and a refrigerator. Converge going to the user.”

  3. People buy from people not businesses … There is a chance Tim Cook can be the face of Apple to the public…. If he portrays honesty trustworthiness and integrity it will go a long way in getting rid of this Apple is doomed without Steve Jobs rhetoric. … One monkey don’t stop the show .

    It is a new day for Apple they can no longer have their fortunes ride on one mans legend… They need to see that there is a team being built so that “

  4. Tim Cook is his own man. He’s issued a public apology for Maps, fired some senior guys for cause, granted shareholders an annual dividend, re-stocked the Apple product pipeline with refreshed/upgraded/new stuff. And now he’s on TV.

    Pretty impressive.

  5. Tim Cook is the head of Apple and has the best team in Technology with out a doubt. In the next few years we will see Technology from Apple that will propel the company to new innovation and leadership. The Dells, HP’s and other non-innovators will die. Apple has developed an Eco-system that is unstoppable. Thirty plus years of loyal customers will continue to grow.

  6. Cook is a salesman not an innovator. To interview him about anything other than Apple stock and the increased cost of a Pepsi in the 4th floor vending machine would be a mistake. But, like all salesman, it is their innate nature to grab the spotlight and ramble endlessly about their products’ wondrous features (which you can get by going to Apple.com) rather than having a coherent discussion about the state of the industry, why Apple is pulling totally out of business/enterprise sector just as Microsoft is tanking there, why Apple is killing Pro apps, and is more interested in pushing social services that are already dying.

    The only thing that baffles me more than why there is an article about this interview is why I am wasting 10 minutes out of my Sunday morning replying to it.

    1. Nope. Tim Cook is an operations man. His area of expertise was not sales, but to streamline supply chain.

      He’s not even charismatic on stage. And regarding stock price… I don’t think Steve Jobs was that interested in the stock price over the product quality. He really disliked Wall Street and what it did to the tech industry. Hopefully Tim Cook will be in the same boat.

      If Wall Street taints Apple… then SJ’s legacy will go through the drains.

    2. Cook is not a sales person. If you read SJ’s boom you will know that Steve believes that putting a sales person I charge of a company is the best way to destroy the company. That is what he attributed to apple’s downfall while he was at next and Pixar and we would not do that to apple.

      For Steve to recommend cook as CEO means that Steve believed fully that cook would not settle for anything less than a quality product.

  7. I have been calling on Cook to publicly explain with enough details a string of key Apple failures, namely consecutive earnings misses, serious erosion of margins, and chronic shortages of flagship products to reassure investors that those are temporary mishaps and management have solutions to timely and comprehensively correct them.

    So, I welcome his decision to do the interview and hope he takes the opportunity to appropriately and satisfactorily address the problems and look forward to watching it with interest. They are serious problems especially the margins erosion and product shortage, which have been the main contributors to earnings misses.

    Cook needs to give a time frame as to when the margins will be restored. A statement to the effect that margins should be restored as soon as next quarter will go a long way to boost investor confidence. Concerning product shortage, he should highlight steps to improve supply and production bottlenecks with corresponding time frames.

    If he does the above, AAPL should bounce back strongly to possibly new high by year end. The last thing I wan to hear is another rah rah blah blah with the usual fluff such as “we are working hard to bring xx product to every user who wants one.”

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