CNET reviews Apple’s new iMac: Serious, fast, an easy recommendation; Editors’ Choice

Rich Brown wonders for CNET, “Who would have guessed that Apple would become the standard-bearer for traditional desktop computing?”

MacDailyNews Take: Mirror, mirror on the wall…

“The new 27-inch iMac is an easy recommendation. For those who need or simply want a fast computer with a large, gloriously crisp display, the iMac — even our jumped-up, $2,599 review model — delivers,” Brown writes. “The back is tapered such that you can stand 60 to 75 degrees off-center and the iMac still only looks as thin as its 5mm edge. Even when you take notice of the round back portion, the curve comes across as graceful.”

Apple's all-new iMac (8th gen)
Apple’s all-new iMac (8th gen)


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Brown writes, “Our iMac includes a Fusion Drive, which means it has a 1TB mechanical hard drive and a 128GB solid-state drive joined in a single 1.2TB drive volume. Apple has designed Fusion so that it’s seamless. The OS itself, as well as the files you use most frequently, load from the solid-state drive… The bottom line is that launching pretty much anything on the system happens almost instantly… This is a computer for serious, performance-driven users, particularly those who need a high-resolution display, and fast graphics and disk performance.”

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  1. There’s one thing I’ve never understood: Why Apple cripples its beautifully crafted & manufactured hardware with 5600 RPM drives when 7200 RPM drives could be had just as cheaply. As a result, my MBP is a bit of a stinker in the speed department.

    1. Would it have anything to do with durability? Just thinking that Apple usually has a good reason for such design decisions and I’m guessing that the incremental cost vs. performance wouldn’t normally have tipped that scale.

      1. Exactly. Most portables come standard with 4800 or 5400 drives. Apple used to offer optional 7200 drives, but I guess they stopped when they started offering the flash drives.

    2. I replaced the 5400 RPM drive in my mini (a little over a year old) with a hybrid 750 GB 7200 RPM drive. It was a pain – all those little parts, cables and connectors. Love the performance though!

    3. There’s one thing I’ve never understood either; what sort of a jackass can read such a positive review and still post a negative comment?
      Either shut up or downgrade to Windblows.

  2. All I want to know is, can you VESA mount it. I asked an Apple specialist about a week ago, they said yes, I asked one about 4 weeks ago, they said they don’t know. I have not seen any VESA adapters for it on Apple’s site. I have a bad feeling…

  3. The one item that I think Apple is missing is that they should release the new displays that match the iMac at the same time. Who uses one monitor anymore? I can’t wait to have one of these with a twin 27″ matching Cinema Dispaly w00t!

  4. Why do UK readers have to put up with ads from Mature Dating UK? They are so tasteless. MacDailyNew, please kill the contract with this company and give us more tech-related ads.

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